Birth: May 26, 1899 in Topeka, Kansas

Death: February 3, 1979 in Nashville, Tenessee

Occupation: Artist

Cultural Contributions: Murals, magazine covers (of The Crisis and Opportunity), book covers (of The New Negro and God's Trombones), and made "high-contrast, high impact images" in artwork, which was "highly influenced" by Cubism, modernism, and African art.

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Infrequently Asked Questions

Q.Why was Douglas important during the Harlem Renaissance?

A. He was "one of the first African American artists to incorporate African subjects, themes, and techniques" into art.

Q. How did Douglas affected his community, world, and discipline?

A. He painted several murals and paintings that "explore the progress of black life" in addition to being a leading artist of the Harlem Renaissance.

Q. How would the world be different if Douglas was never born?

A. We wouldn't have any of his beautiful pieces of art, such as his paintings or murals.

Q. How has Douglas affected you personally?

A. Well, I've seen some of his artwork, read about him, and did a project on him.

Aaron Douglas: African-American painter (1898-1979)


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