Tuesday's Agenda

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

QR Code Short cut!

Scan the QR below with I-nigma if you are using an iPad.
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Morning Message


Welcome back from your 3 day weekend! I hope you did something fun. I learned some new things yesterday and we are going to try some of them out today! Let's get started!

Ms. Robbins

Morning Work! Thinking Time!

New Knowledge!

Please go to BrianPOP Jr. and watch the video on adjectives and adverbs. Click on the button below to get there.

user name: hedrickelem

password: brainpop

I Used to Think ..., Now I Think ...

Go to Google Classroom by clicking the button below. Add a post about adverbs using the stem:

I used to think _________________, now I think ______________.

You will have to join the class. I sent you an email invitation. You can go to your email or just type in this code:


More on Adverbs

Now do the assignment in Google Classroom Blue Writing. When you finish come back here!

Comprehension Toolkit Lesson - Determining What To Remember

Morning Assignments

  1. Read for 30 minutes. Get a colored index card and share your thoughts on what you read.
  2. Look at the picture on the board and write a story about what is happening. Try creating a flee map to get your ideas down before you write. Do this in your Writing Notebook.
  3. Choose a word sort - cut it apart and try separating the words by patterns. See what you come up with!
  4. iStation for 30 minutes.