Mesopotamia Poster

By Carter Steele and Alex Sidener

Come to Mesopotamia!

We have two rivers. Each river is as long as a mile. We are in between the Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers. We Sumerians have great food and fields. Our soil is very fertile and healthy. It's as healthy as a plant that just sprouted. It is good soil because when the river overflows the dirt gets picked up and filled with water. It flows like a wave in the ocean. When the water settles, the dirt is left on top of the ground and is very good for farming.

We have many achievements!

We have many achievements such as building the wheel, creating the plow and the very first form of handwriting. These are some of the most important achievements we have. We also have a good social structure. The people like the king and priest live closest to the ziggurat. Then, we have the farmers and fishermen. These people live the second closest to the ziggurat. Lastly, we have the slaves who work in the fields. They are released after 3 years of work. That is when they have to pay off debts. If they're captured in war, they stay here and work the rest of their lives.

Some of our best places!

Guaranteed to impress you!

About our geography!

We have many mountains and fields. We live between the Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers. We get all of our water from the mountains. On the mountains, it snows a lot. In the summer, it melts and flows into the rivers. Our soil is really good for farming because it is real fertile. It is really nutritious because the river always overflows and picks up dirt. When it settles and dries up, the soil on top is really good for farming.

Other things about Mesopotamia!

Come, we have great stuff. We have many city-states. We trade with each other because each city-state is so large. Each city-state has its own government. In our religion, we have many different gods. This is called polytheism. The god lives on top of the ziggurat. The god gets fed twice a day. Back then, he was the one who chooses the king. Now, you have to be the king's son to become the next king.