Texas Rangers

By Ryan Drewa

Start of the Texas Rangers

When the Texas Rangers began it was when Stephen F. Austin got permission to bring three hundered families to Texas. So in 1823 S.F.A put together a ten man officer/military group to guide and protect the familes on there way to Texas.

Through the time that the Texas Rangers were starting and getting together, many people thought that it was not a good idea. Many had hatred and were cruel to them, and were critisized. A act of abolishment was happening, but were able to stay together because they resembled a small army.

"One riot, One Ranger"

Job for the Texas Rangers

There were six ranger companies with twenty men in each of them called the Fronteir Batallion. The two jobs they did were to protect against indian attacks and restore law and order in Texas. The last battle for the texas rangers was at the Diablo Mountain with indians, and then the forces were split up.

With the split up of these companies, a new challenge faced the Texas Rangers. The hostile Indian and the outlaws became the past. Texas was becoming modern and with the modern Things the texas rangers were faced with new and different problems. Trouble erupted in Mexico and extended into Texas. Many new inventions came like the prohibition act, the oilfield boom, and the an changing criminal techniques were all part of the new problems the texas rangers faced.

The Modern Texas Ranger.

Today there are still Texas Rangers, but more modern and sophisticated. There six companies A to F, and commanded by a captain. Since 1835 the rangers have not changed much since then and now today. A Texas Ranger was given the same authority of any other officer but no special authority except jurisdiction which extends to all of Texas. At some point, the Texas Rangers were given special authority to make arrests when the offender was traveling on a railroad, motor vehicle, airplane, or in a boat but this authority has since been removed. The Texas Rangers have the same power as a sheriff to execute civil process. The modern Ranger has risen to the challenge and has accepted the tradition expectation to be the very best. Rangers are better trained, and educated than ever before in the history.