Are you ready to lose it?

Southern Accents 2014 Kick Off

Ever heard the slogan 'what will you gain when you lose?'

At the start of a new year, many of us make resolutions to lose bad habits with the idea that doing so will help us gain better health, confidence and overall happiness. At the same time, we ramp up the good things we're already doing because we're seeing results, right? So, what if you took this same idea and applied it to your Stella & Dot business?

Perhaps you've gotten a bit off-track, or have found yourself lacking confidence or the tools needed to manage your time. Maybe you're a brand new Stylist full of excitement, sharing the product and opportunity with everyone and seeing your calendar fill up and earnings pour in. Or you might fall somewhere in the middle. The important thing is: this is the PERFECT time to determine your 2014 goals, lose the bad stuff, focus on the good stuff and gain more than you ever thought possible!

Remember your "WHY!"

What is it that drew you into this business? What do you want out of it? The answer is different for everyone, and that's what makes this opportunity so great. It's important not to lose sight of this, though. Like any job, it isn't always easy. It ebbs and flows, and you get out of it what you put in. Whether you're looking to earn a few hundred dollars each month and discounted products, or promote to the top and enter the leadership ranks, it's ALL possible with a little support, consistent effort and a lot of confidence.

I always think of all the actors and musicians out there trying to make it big. They go to countless auditions and take any small gigs they can with the hope of getting that lead part or hit song. I think I heard once that only about 5% of actors are well-known celebrities. So "why" do so many keep doing it? Because they love it. It's their passion. And they keep showing up.

So, Are you ready?

1) Kick the New Year off right!

Start by printing out this goal sheet, filling it out, and placing it where you can see it often. As it tells you, break your goals down into 'bite size' action pieces that are attainable each day or each week. Consistency and focusing on High Value Activities (HVACs) is KEY to any business. As Jessica says "the grass is greener where you water it."

2) Want to make some money?

Booking trunk shows is always the answer. If you don't have as many as you'd like, take an honest look at the effort you're putting in. Are you reaching out every week? Are you wearing your pieces everywhere? Are you sharing your excitement for the new line? If you don't ask, the answer will always be "no." Repeat the bottom steps consistently, always think one week to one month ahead and you'll never struggle with an empty calendar.

3) Looking to layer your income even more?

Building a team is the best way to do it. Star Stylist is the "sweet spot" of Stella & Dot, because you earn 12% of your first line GCV (which can result in half of your monthly income.) You don't have to increase the # of shows you do or sales you just need to set aside a little extra time lead by example. If you love what this company has to offer, and are ready to help other women see why, then let's get you promoted!

4) Remember, it takes a village

Even though we're all in business FOR ourselves, we're not in business BY ourselves. My job is to challenge and coach you to achieve your goals, be it figuring out a time management schedule that works for you, or earning that next Glam Getaway. The best way to do that is ASK questions, share your trials and triumphs on our team FB page, and attend your area meetings to meet other Stylists, get specialized training and stay motivated.

What will you gain?

Jump Start For All

From 1/9 - 3/9, ALL Stylists are in their Jump Start, and it's been modified to make it easier than ever!
- Sell $1,000 - $4,999 = earn 10% in rewards (up to $500!)
- Sell $5,000 - $9,999 = earn 15% in rewards (up to $1,500!)
- Sell $10,000+ = earn 20% in rewards ($2,000+!)
- Earn $100 Quick Start Bonus rewards if you qualify with $1,000 within 30 days
- Earn $100 cash on your blue card for each Stylist who signs on during your JS, & qualifies w/ $1k in her JS. If she does the same, you'll earn another $100 for every new Stylist


Are you in love with the Spring line? Want more of it? Reach out, book & win!

Team Sponsoring Incentive

Ask everyone! Share the January sign-on bonus! Plan to promote!