Structural engineering

By:Sophia and Alexa


You must have a collage degree in civil,mechanical,or structural engineering.Fewer than 70 collages in the united states offer a major in structural engineering.These collages require students to take courses in physics,mechanics,blueprint reading,architecture,math,and materials science.In addition to school,some states require that structural engineers pass a written test and have at least 2 years of experience in the construction industry before working as a structural engineer.

What They Do

structural engineers plan,design,and supervise the construction of facilities needed in modern life. They investigate the behavior and design of all kinds of structures,including dams,dimes,tunnels,bridges,and skyscrapers to make sure they are safe and sound for human use.


A woman named Emily Roebling supervised construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. When her husband became ill in 1872 Emily took over day-to-day supervision of bridge construction. Emily had studied many engineering topics related to bridge construction including mathematics, strength of materials, and cable construction. Her name is included on the plaque dedicating the bridge - recognizing her role in creating one of her era's great engineering achievements.
What is Structural Engineering?