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Medical Technician? What???

What Is A Medical Technician?

Ever been to the doctors office and wondered who the people are that take your temperature? Or the person that test people for diseases? Well, we normally call those kinds of people nurses. But is that their real job title? No! their job titles are actually called a Medical Laboratory Technician. These technicians prepare tissue sample slides and examine them under a microscope to check for sings of diseases. They ensure a fair competiton by testing athletes urine for preformance-enhancing drugs, too.

Benifits Torwards Society?

Medical Technicians' help people everyday, from the point of when an infant is sick, to testing the tissue of an elderly men/women for diseases. They help determine if people are at high risk of increased heart diseases. They also help identify the bacteria causing a patiens infection, so that his/her doctor can perscribe them the right antibiotics. they also make sure athletes stay off drugs. We wouldn't want to find out our favorite althete uses illegal substance? Medical Technicians help save many peoples lives, if you think about it!

Do You Need An Education To Have Skills??

For most Medical Technicians, to become one they need an Associates Degree from a community or junior college. Some just need a certificate from a hospital, vacational or technical school. Or a certificate from U.S. Armed Forces. They need to have manual dexterity, normal color vision, computor skill are greatly needed, and a wide spread use of automated lab equipment.

Does Personality Matter?

You wouldn't think you would need a certian personality for this kind of job, but really you do. To do a job like this you would definitly need to be able to work well under presure. Reacting the wrong way could end up with a patient hurt or others surrounding you hurt. Paying close attention to detail is essential. Being patient with someone is the best thing to do. Even if your moody. But really the most you need is the ability to carefully follow a set of directions. You also need precision and analytical judgement. Having these skills will get you far with your job.     The anual salary or wages are atleast $36,950 a year. The projected job growth is faster than average is 14% to 20%. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Clinical References Laboratory, Inc., and the kaiser permanente hire in this field.