The Pirate's Log

Week of December 14, 2015

Name Tags

Please make sure everyone is wearing their name tags...children and staff.

As Terry's email stated, their fingerprint scanner is down and they are relying on using the name tags to get the children through our lunch line.

Cookie Walk and Gift Wrapping @ Meadowlawn

The sign up sheet to bake cookies for the Cookie Walk is on the bulletin board in the office copy/lunch room. Please sign up if you would like to help bake 4 dozen cookies for this event. All cookies need to be dropped off at Meadowlawn on Friday, December 18 between 4:00-6:00 or you can bring them to school and put them in our supply room. Brittany and Pam have offered to take them to Meadowlawn for us. All cookies should be placed in a disposable container labeled with the type of cookies that are inside.

Wrapping paper donations can be given to Pam.

Furry Families

Each year, we collect donations to go toward helping one or more of our Furry families who could use some additional help to make their Christmas a little brighter. This year, it seems that those families will be supported by other agencies in this effort. We think that all of our children are on Santa's nice list...if you know anything different, or just want to double check on one of your students, please see Diane Smith or myself. I want to make sure all of our children have a Christmas in one way or another.

Save the Date...

Pirate Showcase: Setting Our Sails for the Future

March 13, 2016

Perkins High School

12pm - 4pm

This extravaganza is a district wide event that will have student demonstrations, interactive activities for families, displays of student work in all subject areas, etc. Several of us are already on this committee and super excited about the conversations occurring! It's going to be quite an event. More details to come!

Canned Food Drive

Fire Marshal Keith stopped by to invite us to help with their canned food drive! I'll send home a note and/or blurb in our Proud Pirate on Monday about this. All donations will go toward their Christmas Cheer Baskets they make with the VOA and distribute to needy families in our community.

The last day for our canned food drive is Wednesday, December 16. If additional donations come in after that date, we'll get them where they need to go. Thanks for sharing this with your children and their families.

Secret Santa

For those who are participating in our Secret Santa, the secrets begin on 12/16!

Holiday Shoppe

Our Holiday Shoppe will be open for our children this week! Children will shop during their library time. If there are children without money because they can’t afford to shop, please let Kari know discreetly and she will help the children shop for their family. National Honor Society, Pirates for Peers and AIM for Excellence students will be helping with the gift wrapping. Any parent who volunteers with the Holiday Shop will be able to eat lunch with their child in the library. The parent will jot a note to the teacher if they are going to eat with their child.

Kinsa Smart Thermometers

Please continue sharing information about our Kinsa Smart Thermometers. As of today we have 255 members in our group! Please sign up for one yourselves if you haven't done so already. We have until December 31 to take advantage of this opportunity.

Project Happy

Thank you for supporting Project Happy! Furry was able to donate 29 shoeboxes and several cash donations.

Jenn's Schedule for the Week:


  • Mtg. during CPT
  • OVH @ 9:40-10:30
  • Mtg. @ 10:30
  • Mtg. @ 1:00
  • Bus Duty @ 3:15
  • Mtg. @ 3:30
  • Next Steps @ 8:10 (Shortridge's Classroom-1st and 2nd grade teachers...BYOC=Bring Your Own Chair)
  • Gingerbread Practice @ 9:20
  • Mtg. @ 2:30
  • Professional Leave Mtg. @ 3:35
  • Gingerbread Practice @ 9:20
  • Building Better Readers-PM


  • Next Steps @ 8:10 (Riedy's classroom)
  • Gingerbread Practice @ PHS 9:30-10:45
  • Observation @ 2:30
  • LPDC @ 3:30


  • Behaviors @ 8:10
  • Gingerbread Practice @ 9:20
  • Gingerbread Play @ PHS 1:00

Dates to Remember

December 14-18

  • Holiday Shop Open in Library

December 14

  • Kindergarten to OVH for Gingerbread Play (9:40-10:40)

December 15

  • Next Steps @ 8:10 (Shortridge's Classroom-1st and 2nd grade teachers...BYOC=Bring Your Own Chair)
  • Professional Leave Mtg. @ 3:35

December 16-22

  • Furry Secret Santa Exchange

December 16

  • Gingerbread Play for Furry students @ 9:20
  • Building Successful Readers-PM

December 17

  • Next Steps @ 8:10 (Riedy's Classroom)
  • K Practice @ PHS 9:30-10:45
  • LPDC Mtg. @ 3:30

December 18

  • Behavior PD during CPT
  • Kindergarten Play @ PHS 1:30

December 19

  • Cookie Walk/Gift Wrapping @ Meadowlawn 9:00-12:00

December 21

  • Furry Sing Along @ 10:00 (we'll start calling you down @ 9:50ish)
  • Lunch provided by PTO (Merry Christmas)

December 22

  • Last Student Day
  • Staff Breakfast 7:30-8:50 (Stop by anytime.)
  • Santa @ Lunch

December 23-January 3

  • Christmas Break!

January 4

  • Return to School!