Emo/Psych Development

Characteristics and Implications for Practice

Search for Identity

Young adolescents strive for a unique identity, which sometimes causes them to experience social and psychological turbulence.

Career Choices

How is Practice Impacted?


  • Advisory Programs - allow student to build positive relationships with adults
  • Provide chances for self-assessment
  • Provide role playing, drama, and readings that permit the young adolescents to see that their problems are not unique.
  • Writing personal responses to connect what they are studying to real life
  • Providing an environment with a balance of structure and flexibility

Surprising or Interesting Information

  • Conflicts between and allegiances to family AND peer groups
  • Swings in between feelings of superiority and inferiority
  • They feel their problems are unique.
  • Lack of empathy

Our Own Practices


  • Providing chances for success without fear of failure
  • Exploratory time and variety
  • Act as positive role models

How Do Our Practices Align?

We don't have enough advisory/exploratory time within the day

However, we do have opportunities after school. We need to offer more variety.

Our counselors, resource officer, and school nurse provide many services that address student needs in this area.