Wanted: Tungsten

BY: Alexandria carlton

Wanted For:

  • filaments in light bulbs
  • used in alloys such as iron
  • electric contacts and arc-welding electrodes


  • "heavy stone" form a Swedish word
  • Fausto and Juan Jose De Elhuyar discovered "Tungusten" in 1738
  • The chemical symbol is w for its real name "wolfram"


  • A silvery-white
  • Atomic number 74
  • Metal
  • Temperature it melts at (3,410 c)
Big image

Bohr diagram of Tungsten

# of protons: 74

# of neutrons: 110

# of electrons: 74

First arresting officer

It was discovered by two brothers named Fausto and Juan Jose De Elhuyar in 1738. Fausto and Juan were chemist and mineralogist in Spain.

Report of the first arrest

Tungsten was found when Fausto and Juan when they went to the School of Mining and the University of Uppsala.

Last seen

Tungsten was last seen with group 6 found in china and Canada.

Tungsten's friends

  • oxygen
  • aluminum
  • hydrogen

Warning label

Tungsten is generally stable in it's state


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