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Norfolk Junior High

By Shelby C.

Feature Story

Justin Bieber

By: Shelby Capetillo

Justin Bieber is an amazing, cute, and talented musician.

Here is some basic information about him.

First of all, when Justin Drew Bieber was born he weighed 7 lbs. and 11 oz. He had luscious brown hair and precious brown eyes. He was born in Stratford Ontario, Canada. He was born on March 1st, 1994 at 11:56 A.M. I Know it’s weird that I Know this but it was on a Tuesday, and it was raining.

He also grew up in Stratford. When he was younger, he was already interested in music. Anything he could put his hands on he would make them drums. When he was only two, he could play the guitar, piano, and the drums. He did not get any lessons because he taught himself. When he got to be about ten or so, he would just sit on the steps in front of a music place and sing. People across the street would open their windows just to listen to him. He always had his left-handed guitar in his hands.

Finally, about his career. He was found on Youtube by Scooter Braun, his manager. He and his mom would film videos of him singing and then publish them to Youtube.Justin flew to Atlanta to see if he could possibly get a record deal. It ended up Usher signed him. In 2011 he released his movie “Never Say Never”, which was a great hit. It made $73 million in the box office! Justin has a ton of songs! Some of my favorites are “Beauty and a Beat”, “As Long As You Love Me”, “Boyfriend”, “Mistletoe”, and much more.

Justin Bieber

All in all, now you see why Justin Bieber is amazing. From his birth to his childhood and to his career. Now go and listen to his songs! They’re amazing!!

By: Shelby Capetillo

Nursery Ryhme

Climbing the Great Wall Leaves Man

in CRITICAL Condition

By: Shelby Capetillo

It was a rainy and foggy Saturday in Bieberlandia. Humpty Dumpty was climbing the Great Wall to get the golden crown. He was almost to the top, practically touching the crown,when witnesses say they heard a shreak then a splat. Humpty had slipped and fell off the Great Wall of China! When he fell he broke his body. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men TRIED to put him together again, but it didn’t work. Witnesses say it was a pretty harsh fall. They had to call the ambulance to the tragic scene. Now he is in critical condition in Belieber Hospital.

Favorite Movie

Follow Bieber around from a small child to an adult in Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.Justin Bieber is starring as Justin Bieber. Some other people in this movie include his manager,Scooter, and his mom,Patty.Even though it's 105 minutes, it's still not enough Bieber.Even if you aren't a true belieber you'll still love this movie. This amazing movie will just melt your heart.
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Movie Trailer 2 Official (HD)

Favorite App

Candy Crush is a delicious and addictive game.For all of the 100 sweet levels it's easy and fun, but challenging at times. If you like puzzling adventures, you'll love Candy Crush! Just to make it better this app is free! If you would like some extra helps you can buy them. Overall, Candy Crush is an awesome game. I recommend you download the app!

Are you for or against year-round schooling?

I am against year-round schooling.For one thing during the school year you have a "shorter" time to get things done. So you would think kids would do their work so they wouldn't have to redo their school year. Also you'd be able to go on vacation to see your family or just sight-see! Finally I mean who wouldn't want to go outside to get tan?

Bob Saves Bieberlandia From The Pizza Monster!!

This is the story of a superhero trying to save the people and Justin Bieber in Bieberlandia. The Pizza Monster came in to Bieberlandia and ate a statue of Justin Bieber. That's when Bob came in and said, "No need to fear, Bob is here". That's when the Pizza Monster threw a huge piece of Canadian bacon at Bob. At that second, Bob burnt the bacon with his fire breath. The people then cried because they didn't have bacon. Then Bob found out that he had a new super power. He could breathe bacon and feed bacon to everyone in Bieberlandia. That's when the people and Bob picked up the Pizza Monster and brought him to to the Devils Gate. Justin Bieber went all Jackie Chan style on the Pizza Monster. Bob and Justin scissor-kicked the Pizza Monster into the flaming pit of lava and he burnt. The people and Bob went to celebrate. Later in the night, the Pizza Monster came back and vowed revenge and started heading to Bieberlandia knowing he would win. But that's a different story.

Who is your favorite singer?

Well, there was a tie for first. Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.They both had nine votes with a 36%.The second most favorite singer was Katy Perry with four votes and a 36%.The third favorite was Kesha with two votes and a total of 8%.The least favorite singer was One Direction with one vote and 4%.