Ivan Pavlov


My name is Ivan Pavlov. I was born on September 14th, 1849 in a tiny village located in Russia. My father was the priest of our village and he expected me to follow in his footsteps. I was more interested in the ideas of Charles Darwin and I.M. Sechenov. I gave up on my theological schooling to study science. ("Biography," 2014)

“As a young man I entered the laboratory, I have spent my entire life in it, I became an old man in it, and it is my dream to spend my final days in it.”

—Ivan Petrovich Pavlov ("Biography," 2014)

My Discovery

In 1890, I took charge of the Department of Physiology. This was a part of the newly formed Institute of Experimental Medicine. During my time here, I focused on the digestive process of dogs. I would implant fistulas into their salivary ducts to see how it effected their nervous system. My observations led me to form my concept of conditioned reflexes. In my most famous experiment, I rang a bell just before giving the dogs food, conditioning them to start salivating when I sounded the tone. As a reward for my outstanding work, I was named the 1904 Nobel Prize winner for Physiology or Medicine. After my discovery, on February 27th of 1936, I died from double pneumonia. I now live peacefully in heaven with all of my other fellow scientists. ("Biography," 2014)


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