Naming Ceremony

UH School of Social Work Celebrates Ken Yeung, MSW '74

Aloha Friends in Hawaii,

Over the years, God blessed me with opportunities to connect two Deans of the UH School of Social Works with the Training College of the China Ministry of Civil Affairs. As a result, there were professorship exchanges and visitations, plus 3 summers of social work student internship programs at our orphanage in Tianjin. Eva Zen, our sister, has been very helpful & instrumental in the success of this program as well.

To celebrate our relationship & support of UH, Dean Noreen Mokuau will officially unveil the first named learning zone in Gartley Hall, home of the MBT School of Social Work. Classroom 102 will be named in honor of the Prince of Peace Children's Home.

If time allow, please come.

Eva Zen will join us there as well.

New Year Blessings,


Wednesday, Jan. 6th, 1pm

Hartley Hall, 2430 Campus Road, Honolulu