Want Religious Freedom? come to Pennsylvania!!

Who were the Quakers?

The Quakers had suffered greatly in England, they were also known as the Society of Friends. George Fox was the founder of the Quakers. The Quakers were known to be pacifist, and saw everyone as equals. In 1681, Charles II granted William Penn a charter for a piece of land in the Americas. This became the beginning of William Penn's "Holy Experiment." which was unattainable.

Diversity and prosperity in Pennsylvania

Our new home showed great potential for our religious freedom from the Church of England, but we also had a great economic opportunity. William Penn who was a fellow Quaker, was the founder of our new home. King Charles gave William a charter in 1681, Penn had promised us a self-government, freedom of religion, and land that was at a good price, who can say no to this. So we left England and arrived at our new home which we called Pennsylvania, yes we named it after William Penn himself. In the year 1682 William came to Philadelphia, we already had close to 4,000 people living in our beautiful colony. Penn stated that he wanted our colony to develop, and was expecting farming villages along the rivers and creeks. He made a map of our city showing houses set far away from each other this idea prevented fires to spread. We even had relations with the Native Americans that were in our colony, soon we started having different people from Europe on our streets, and some spoke different languages and were practicing different religions. Our colony started to flourish, everyone wanted to be in Pennsylvania, we had some slaves but some people didn’t agree with slavery.

Sources found in Of The People

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