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Welcome Summer!!

Summer is in full swing and we love the energy you all are bringing to class! As we continue to experience warmer temps please make sure you are hydrating before, during and after your workouts. It will not only help you perform to your best ability but it also helps you recover, help you stay alert, and helps your bodies many organs to stay hydrated and pure. Our rule of thumb is for every cup of coffee or glass of beer or wine make sure you are hydrating with a minimum of 8oz of water.

Try some fruit, mint or cucumber in your water. We guarantee it will change the way you drink water.

Classes for July!

Total Body Boot Camp:
6am- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
5:30pm -Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

TRX Suspension Training
9am- Tuesday and Thursday- Sol Alchemy Yoga and TRX Studio

***Please make sure to sign up and visit our schedule to learn about class locations for this week. Signing up for your classes not only helps us with our training programs, but it also allows us to notify you if there is a change in location due to inclement weather.
** We reserve the right to cancel class if attendance does not meet the minimum so please make sure you sign up so you don't miss out!
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July Kick off Challenge

It has been a while so let's kick off July with a little challenge to keep you all motivated and help you reach beyond the daily norm. We are challenging all classes to run 100 miles combined. This includes all our running in class, outside of class, races, walks etc. We will be combining all mileage and monitoring our progress.

The first collective 100 miles must take place between July 7 thru July 13.
You can walk, run, skip or bear crawl.
Please post on our FB page your daily mileage or you can e-mail Stephanie or D'Anza with your total each day, every other day or at the end of the week.

Want to challenge yourself even further??

Complete 100 miles in a month (individually) and earn special 100 Mile Club reward.

Your challenge starts Monday July 7th so get out and move!

Check out our blog for more great recipe and workout ideas!

Looking for a new recipe for the coming week? The Food Friday recipe this past week happens to be one of my favorites. You can check out the full recipe on our blog at:

Workout Wednesdays!
You can also catch weekly workouts here as well. Traveling or not able to make it to class?? This is a great way to find a quick workout that will help you get out and move. Some of the workouts are 30 minutes in length but are high intensity allowing you to burn some calories, challenge your body and feel great.

Bend Boot Camp Run/Walk group!

Looking to run your first 5k, 10k or half marathon. Let us know and we can help you reach your goal. Did you know Bend Boot Camp has a weekly running group and a team racing multiple run/walk races in and around bend. Join us for our weekly Saturday run and walk group, we can add you to our private Facebook page so you can stay update to date with where we are meeting.

This is open to all current athletes. E-mail us at and we will add you to our run/walk group page.