Computational Fluency

Information for Parents

What is Computational Fluency? (Grades K-3)

In grades K-3, computational fluency means that students can solve their math facts accurately and efficiently, using appropriate strategies flexibly. The ultimate goal is for students to have their math facts memorized, and we expect them to use increasingly efficient strategies as they move toward memorization. For example, when adding 3 + 4, we should see children moving in a progression from counting on their fingers, to using mental strategies such as doubling 3 and adding 1, to “just knowing” the answer from memory. A fact is considered "memorized" when it can be answered automatically, within about 1 second and without figuring it out. On timed tests, approximately 3 seconds per problem is given to write the answers down.

Expectations by Grade Level:

K - Addition and Subtraction facts within 5 memorized

1 - Addition and Subtraction facts within 10 memorized

2 - Addition and Subtraction facts within 20 memorized

3 - Multiplication and division facts memorized

What is Computational Fluency? (Grade 4 & up)

In grades 4 and up, computational fluency means that students can quickly and accurately solve multi-digit problems using the standard algorithms. It is expected that students know their basic facts by the end of 3rd grade, and basic math facts do not appear in the standards after 3rd grade. Instructional time at the upper grade levels will focus on grade level standards.

Students will be assessed on basic facts only during the first marking period, and on grade-level appropriate computational fluency problems in marking periods 2 & 3. Students who do not have basic facts memorized by the end of 3rd grade are encouraged and expected to practice facts at home.

How can I help my child?

Online Resources

Fact Dash -all students have access to the Fact Dash game in their connectEd account, which is the online resource for the My Math program.

The Math Worksheet Site - allows you to print out free practice drill worksheets for your child. Click on the appropriate operation to begin customizing your worksheet.

Fact Monster - online math fact practice.

Math Playground - online math fact practice.

Of course, good old-fashioned flash cards work well, too!