Virtual Library Project

J. Dawson, K. McMahan, K. Moncrief, and L. Morgan

JSU Library Media Program Virtual Library

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What things do you like?

JSU Library Media Program’s Virtual Library is a helpful resource providing essential information to the Library Media Program in one location. The site is easy to maneuver through with easy to use tabs that are self-explanatory.

What things would you like to see here?

On the Library Media Program Virtual Library, we would like to see a tab made just for internship. In this section, we would like to have links to the internship forms as well as pertinent information regarding acquisition of internship hours. In order to increase the ease of use and ability to find information, we would also like a search tab allowing for searching of information as well.

How does it need to be updated?

In order to update the Library Media Program Virtual Library, the Academic Calendar under the “Students” tab needs to be updated. It is in the year 2014. Another area in need of update is under the “Courses” tab. It says: “Students will find the latest syllabus for each course in the Master’s library media program and for the LM 612 Advanced Children and Young Adult Literature course.” When you click on the tab, it gives a list of courses to be taken in the LM category and some explanation about LiveText and portfolios. We would suggest making the information on the page match the description, or changing the description.

What needs to stay the same but expanded?

As stated above, we recommend adding a section to explain the expectations for internship. We feel all Library Media students should be aware when starting the program how many hours will be expected of them, because realistically a student should start on internship hours when they begin the program. A brief overview of what is required and some links to important paperwork would be very beneficial for future students.