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Article by Armando Aguilar

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering covers a wide range of what is done in this field. From commercial aviation to the latest technology used by NASA in unmanned aircraft located in outer space. Being an aerospace engineer requires knowledge of some basic hydraulic and pneumatic systems and principles, and aerodynamics.

Experiences in the Field

Brody Hunt, Vista Park High School, Sweet Lips, TN

I'm a junior in high school and am currently taking some Aviation classes. These classes are a great output in pursuing my career as a Aerospace Engineer. My ultimate goal is to work for NASA and help create future rocket ships and space probes.

Joshua Hickey, Boeing, Richardson, TX

I am working Boeing, helping design new parts for our airplanes to help them more efficient. I have a little of 3 years doing this and it is very exciting. I use my computer to help me collect data and conduct experiments. I also make sure all of our products and aircraft meet the standards of the FAA.

Jason Buck, TN

I am currently retired from the workforce after serving my country in the US Air Force. I was designing new parts for our helicopters and planes. The rest is classified. I was working with very advanced technology that had not been released to the public. My work was very important since I was in charge of all aircraft during missions.