Stinnett's Tech Updates

Shemika S. Stinnett - TIM

End of the Year Tech Stuff

Yay! We made it through another year! As always, I hope you find a Tech tool over the summer that you would like to try next year in your classroom!! Share with me if you find some cool things over the summer too to share with the staff! If you have suggestions for next year, please let your technology rep know. I will be sending them their overview for the year so make changes!

I've listed things that need to be complete!

I pray you guys have a GREAT summer!

Accomplishments and Successes

  • Technology Tuesdays were a HUGE success this year! We are hoping to continue with that same success next year!
  • Most of you completed Canvas 101!! Yay YOU!
  • Many of you started incorporating Canvas and other Tech tools into your lessons!

Upcoming Events

2017 "Mini" NATC

Friday, July 11th 2014 at 8:15am

901 Explorer Boulevard Northwest

Huntsville, AL

The NATC will ONLY be one day this summer! Our very own Mary Catherine Coe and myself will be presenting! Mary Catherine will be presenting Seesaw and I will be doing Nearpod. There will be 30 minute sessions that morning and workshops that afternoon!

Register at

Summertime Version of Canvas 101

Monday, June 5th, 8am

165 Pine Grove Rd

Madison, AL

Vickey will be completing an online course of Canvas blended with a face to face session. Assignments will be due on Mondays throughout the course. You can work at your own speed or ahead! Here is the link to register: