Words Can Hurt

Madison Marcotte and Makaela Leisy


" The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words."

"The tongue is a small thing, but what enormous damgae it can do" - James 3:5 (TLB)

"Be careful with your words, once they are said, they can be forgiven, not forgotten."

Stories That Show We Believe That Words Can Hurt

The Movie "Cyberbully"

"To This Day," by Shane Koyczan

Girl Meets World episode "Girl Meets Faws"

Pictures that demostrate that...

This saying doesn't mean that words are able to physically hurt you but there is a "scar" left on someone's heart and people can be heavily affected by the simple words leaving someone's lips. They can hurt someone emotionaly.

Rules and Laws of Virginia

If you have nothing nice to say sont say it at all

H.B. 1871, signed by the govenor July on July 1, 2013. (Defines bullying and states cyberbullying is a type of bullying)

H.B. 1624, (States that VA is responsible to show a model policy so that people know what bullying is)

Top Five That Words Can Hurt

1. Amanda Todd Story

2. Sicks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

3. Just becuase you didnt mean for it to hurt doesnt mean it won't.

4. When someone categorizes you by a single word that is hurtful because of your characteristics.

ex. saying someone is stupid becuase they are a blonde. "the dumb blonde"

5. Actions speak louder than words, but somethimes words can hurt more than anything else.