Woodrow Wilson

Leader of the U.S


He was the 28th president and he had given 14 points for the basis of the treaty. He had pushed the espionage act. He alson went to the traty of Versalles.

The fourteen points

  1. There should be no secret alliances between countries
  2. Freedom of the seas in peace and war
  3. The reduction of trade barriers among nations
  4. The general reduction of armaments
  5. The adjustment of colonial claims in the interest of the inhabitants as well as of the colonial powers
  6. The evacuation of Russian territory and a welcome for its government to the society of nations
  7. The restoration of Belgian territories in Germany
  8. The evacuation of all French territory, including Alsace-Lorraine
  9. The readjustment of Italian boundaries along clearly recognizable lines of nationality
  10. Independence for various national groups in Austria-Hungary
  11. The restoration of the Balkan nations and free access to the sea for Serbia
  12. Protection for minorities in Turkey and the free passage of the ships of all nations through the Dardanelles
  13. Independence for Poland, including access to the sea
  14. A league of nations to protect "mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small nations alike."