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How Can Students Benefit from Test Prep Tutoring?

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As a child, many students can only imagine of attending their dream school. Each year the college applicant pool grows larger and larger. At the same time, college acceptance rates are at an all-time low. Higher education is a very competitive environment and students must put forth an edge to make their application shine brighter than the rest. What if there was one way to differentiate your Common App from the rest? One way to do this is by acing standardized tests. The ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests play a huge role in the college admissions process and enrollment officers rely heavily on student scores.

These scores help admission offices evaluate students by applying a common standard to everyone. Stand out like a diamond in the rough by impressing admissions officers with higher test scores. From time management skills to entire curriculums, there are plenty of tutoring services to choose from. However, there’s no question that Span Test Prep is the right choice. With customizable curriculum, top-notch tutors, and impressive results, Span Test Prep is your destination for all things college prep. Your dream school acceptance letter is within arms reach!

Test Prep Tutoring

Parents have dreams of sending their children off to prestigious universities. Likewise, students aspire acceptance letters from Ivy Leagues. Span Test Prep believes in the power of education and that with the right approach, any student can go to his or her dream school, whether its Cornell University or the University of Alabama. Students at Span Test Prep are equipped with the academic skills, test-taking tools, and warranted confidence needed to score high on test day.

With twenty years of experience and having helped over 3,000 students overcome standardized testing pains, Span Test Prep has perfected the test-taking process. An individualized curriculum, which averages a five-point increase on the ACT, and one-on-one services provide students with an edge to the competition. Tutors are devoted to helping students prepare for the ACT, SAT, PSAT, GRE, GMAT, as well as providing extra help through math tutoring services. From college acceptance letters to monetary scholarships based on exceptional scores, Span Test Prep is dedicated to academic excellence. If you’re located in the Chicago, IL area, Span Test Prep is the city’s go-to place for scholastic advancement.

The Curriculum

Through six one-on-one sessions, five full practice tests, and in-depth reviews that ensure an understanding of every answer, each student’s journey is personalized to suit his or her strengths and weaknesses. At Span Test Prep, they know that a one-size-fits-all method is flawed. Therefore, services are catered towards students’ specific needs, as well as availability. Experienced tutors, who aced the tests themselves, are determined make sure students learn from each mistake and develop a deep understanding of the material. From extracurricular activities to part time jobs, students have a lot on their plate, but Span Test Prep understands.

Thankfully, Span Test Prep’s curriculum offers an accelerated approach, offering efficient courses that fit any student’s sports, clubs, and recreational schedules. Programs are available during different times of the year, including fall, winter, spring, and summer courses, depending on when you register to take the test. Span Test Prep is also happy to offer build-your-own packages, which are designed to align with the most hectic of schedules.


Many students and parents begin the college test prep process by examining the ACT and SAT and determining which is best for optimal test scores. Span Test Prep provides clients with a detailed explanation of each option as well as comprehensible visualizations of pros and cons. The ACT requires a science section, but the SAT does not. Additionally, the SAT permits more time per question; however, the questions are significantly more difficult than the ACT. The ACT has a persuasive writing essay, while the SAT has a rhetorical analysis essay. These are just a few of the many differences between the two standardized tests. Each option presents numerous pros and cons, which should be examined and weighed carefully on a case-by-case basis. Based on students’ individual strengths and weaknesses, students, parents, and tutors will all work to determine which test is best for success.

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SAT Subject Tests

What about the SAT Subject Tests? These one-hour long tests allow students to showcase their knowledge and interest in a subject they excel in. The subjects include Science, History, Languages, Math, Computer Science, English Literature and Composition, Comparative Government and Politics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Psychology. By scoring well on SAT subject tests, it can increase a student’s chance of college acceptance, especially if the subject is related to his or her major. Test prep tutors are happy to help expand upon students’ strengths and build on their interests by introducing essential test-taking tactics needed to ace SAT Subject Tests. In addition to offering ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Test tutoring services, Span Test Prep also offers a series of refresher courses for students who have already been through the exam process. Typically, these students feel they need a little extra help in order to perfect their scores.

The Span Test Prep Approach

Span Test Prep believes that with the correct instruction, success is inevitable. By following a series of four steps, tutors provide students with a seamless journey from practice test, to test day, to college move-in day. During the first meeting, Span Test Prep lays out a plan, informing students of exactly what to expect from each test. From identifying frequent questions to implementing timesaving techniques, tutors are eager to put you on the path to success. Once a plan is in place, instructors distribute a series of practice tests (because practice makes perfect). Once each practice test is completed, tutors review each and every question, making correctness and mistakes both learning opportunities. After weeks of practice, students should begin feeling comfortable with the material. Span Test Prep works hard to make sure that students feel confident walking into test day. Confidence is achieved through practice, improvement, and encouragement. Instructors understand that every student’s learning techniques are unique and are committed to catering instructions to best educate each student.

Ultimately, the Span Test Prep full course provides students with six customized, one-on-one sessions with a teacher. Additionally, it offers six complete ACT or SAT practice tests as well as Math, Grammar, and Writing guides. Lastly students will be given a watch designed specifically for ACT and SAT time management.

Professional Tutors

At Span Test Prep, every tutor is a professional and passionate standardized test taker. Having earned perfect scores, each instructor is an expert in the topic and eager to share his or her knowledge in helping students attain desirable scores. Instructors know how important it is to practice patience. The college prep process can be daunting and frustrating, which is why great tutors remain positive and reassuring. Throughout the entire process, tutors at Span Test Prep act as cheerleaders and are guaranteed to be a student’s biggest supporters, right next his or her parents. Providing immediate feedback and constant encouragement, tutors are there to help conquer obstacles and overcome all test-taking challenges. With the right tutor, students can become fantastic test takers and confident members of the classroom.

Reducing Test Anxiety

When it comes to scoring high on tests, the stakes are high, circumstances are stressful, and the entire process can be taxing. Even though standardized tests are just one piece of the college application puzzle, students often face extreme anxiety when facing test day. Many students feel like one single test is what stands in-between them and their dream school. It’s normal for students to put pressure on themselves, but its Span Test Prep’s duty to ease anxiety. It might seem simple, but a lot of anxiety comes from being unprepared. Thankfully, Span Test Prep equips students with the tools necessary to crush the test! Such tools include time management skills, breathing exercises, meditation, and more. The timed nature of exams is enough to make anyone nervous, but expert tutors preach practice makes perfect. After full length practice exams and in-depth reviews, students will be prepared to conquer the ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests and beyond. Say goodbye to testing anxiety!

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The Results

With two decades of experience and having helped thousands of students get into dream schools, Span Test Prep can confidently say it raises test scores. An average five to six ACT point increase is just one of many reasons to strongly consider Span Test Prep as your college prep destination. Where competitors require over fifty hours of study, Span Test Prep requires only six hours of one-on-one tutoring. The rest of the program is dependent on at-home practice and is flexible around students’ busy schedules. Span Test Prep prides themselves on being one of the most efficient, result-oriented services around. With alumni at colleges located all over the country including Ivy Leagues like Harvard and Princeton and prestigious universities such as Duke and Tulane, Span Test Prep has an impressive track record. To add your dream school to the list of Span Test Prep alumni, register today for an effective and efficient learning experience.

What Do Other Students Think of Span Test Prep?

Nothing is more uplifting than ecstatic phone calls from students getting into their childhood dream school. Span Test Prep has provided students throughout Chicago with inspiring success stories and positive testing experiences. From understanding the test inside and out to immense one-on-one attention to improved scores, Span Test Prep offers students with a plethora of the finest college prep skills and most rewarding outcomes. Take it from Briggs C., who received a $28,000 college scholarship because of excellent test prep from an ACT course, which increased his overall score by seven points! This could be you. As a matter of fact, students who neglect to take courses at Span Test Prep are at a severe disadvantage. In an effort gain a leg up on the competition and radiate in a pile of Common Apps, students turn to Span Test Prep.

Better instruction. Less time. Higher scores. Choose Span Test Prep for a comprehensive review of all sections of the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests and a college prep experience like no other. Faithful tutors are dedicated to providing students with honorable services, destined for academic excellence and superior scores, all in a fraction of the time competitors take. Imagine the feeling of opening an acceptance letter and reading the words “congratulations.” Now, take matters into your own hands and choose to shine.