Mexico With Me And My Family

walking on the beach,night shows,outside mall

Walking on the beach

Me and my family were going to walk around so we decide to walk along the beach it was very exciting for me I love looking at the ocean and getting my feet wet while walking in the ocean. It was fun me and my cousin were running around we ran into the water but when we were coming back from a restaurant we saw little jellyfish it scared me because I didn't want to get stung or my little sister my dad just told us to stay out of the water until we get away from that area so I did. It was still really fun it was a really long walk I was getting really tired of walking especial cause the sun's beating on you we finally made it back and i fell asleep right when I got into the hotel.

Night Shows

While at the hotel that we were staying at in mexico they even had night time shows we wanted to check them out so we did every night they would have them they were amazing they had fire shows plays about stories that happened. It was so much fun they did a really good job there was this one girl that was in it she was awesome she is one of my best friend now after that we would eat it was so much fun.

Outside Mall

My family and I went to a mall that they had that was outside they had many things to choose from it was really fun I got lots of things dresses, shirts, magnet, coffee cup, and even things for my grandma and grandpa it was fun but it was really hot while we walking around we ate after it was so good i got a enchilada and everyone else got tacos and other things it was delicious.