the RAH

Jan 29 - Feb 2, 2017

from J-

I hope this finds you doing great! January has proven to be interesting. The days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days. The learning grind is wonderfully exhausting. Thank you for creating a great place for your staff and students to work, learn and grow.


While we continue to calibrate the quality of our feedback at our Ele Leadership Team meetings, there is a quantitative amount that drives the quality. As shared at the beginning of the year, a minimum number of feedback/observations are to be given based upon non-tenure and tenure status. These minimum amounts have been broken down for you - Building Minimum Requirements. Please take a moment to review where you are, and plan accordingly.


Principals and Attendance Secretaries are receiving a weekly missing submissions report from AAA. This report shows those staff members that did not take attendance last week. Please remember that teachers will show up on this list because they were absent last week -which is excusable. Sub attendance sheets should be used and sent to the office only when a teacher is absent. The report is for you to review, and follow up with those teachers that were present but did not take attendance. Remember teachers are responsible for taking their own attendance this is for the safety and security of our students.

Have a fantastic week!

Education Is A Dynamic System

“The heart of education is the relationship between teachers and learners. Everything else should be focused on making that the best relationship possible. ”

Becoming a more mindful school leader

Being ‘present in the moment’ can be a powerful stress release

from Bret-

AP Cadre meets on Monday at Westport and the agenda is here. Johnathan from Transportation will be joining us to discuss updates.

FYI – I’ll be running point on Tier One interviews for the principalships at Jeffries, Harrison, and Sunshine. Thanks to those who are helping me.

Dana, Shelia, and I will be training the Explore liaisons next week.

Due to illness, I had to cancel the Learning Coach meeting for last week. We will move that agenda to the Feb. 1, found here.

As of 1/24, I’ve finalized 124 Tower evaluations within the system.

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