Computer Systems Software Engineer

By:Terrence McCaskey

Typical Work Day

They are involved in organizing the construction of computer systems of an organization. Each company has its specific needs for each department like inventory, billing, and payroll keeping. My favorite task that these engineers do is that they can set up a network within a company for employees to communicate with one another on a secure,private network.
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Typical Starting Salary

The average salary for a Computer System Software Engineer is $74,040 a year. The lowest 10% is $45,890 and the top 10% receive above $111,600.


To get a worthy enough job for a right amount of pay, computer system software engineers need to get a bachelor's degree in computer science or computer information systems. Also they have to go through vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Novell to get a certification exam. To get the exam takes about 4 weeks.

Reason for me to be in this field

I'm currently enrolled in AP Computer Science which is a class that interests me as a career choice. One form of using my computer science skills is software engineering. After looking up how much money they make, it really interests me to might consider this as a career choice.