Out of My Mind

By: Sharon M. Draper

By: Abbie Glenn


Have you ever had millions of thoughts stuck in your head? Or even words you could never express? Well if you like sad books then you should read Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. This is a realistic fiction book. Most of the stuff in the book could happen to anyone

The summary

A girl named melody has a disease that effects her talking. So she is almost 11 and has never spoken a word. Melody soon goes to school to prove everyone who thinks no one like her should go to school. When melody goes to school she could never talk to any of her teachers or her friend. At last Melody finds a way to talk but not everyone is ready to hear it.

I loved this book because.....

I loved this book because I am a big fan of sad books. I love very descriptive books and the author does a great job of describing everything that goes on in the book.

I would not change the end because....

I would not change the end because the author did a good job of changing it around from sad to a happy ending.


I would recommend this book to any person who likes sad books. For grades i would recommend this to 3rd-6th graders