Staff Weekly Bulletin

~Week 28~March 21-24~

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A note of gratitude...

Greetings Crew!

As we wrap up this week, I wish all of you a well deserved break. This job is never-ending so we need to take care of ourselves. We are in a much better position to serve others when our own basic needs are met and our “tank is full". Enjoy your time with family and friends! Much love and respect for all that you do.


~Safe & Welcoming Environment~

March Character Development


Month-long Focus: Responsibility

Learning Target: I can take responsibility for my learning and for my choices.


Community Assembly/Crew

No assembly/crew this week.

April 4th Schedule

Community Assembly: GROUP B

Tapia & Vidal

Goodie & Parchia
Brown & Queznel

Ferrus-Garcia A & Davis

Hudson A & Garcia-Pena A


Udovic & Perrone
Saleski & Cato
Pastrana & Nunez


Gudiol A & Zucker A



Spring Break Reading Challenge

Dear Colleagues,

Please encourage your students to participate in the Spring Break Reading Challenge; Mr. Todd will place the reading logs in your box.

Hello Staff,

We are excited to have the opportunity to have award winning author, Ramona Moreno Winner to do a reading and presentation next Weds. from 8:30-9:15 AM for TK-2nd grade and 9:30-10:15 AM for 3rd-5th grades. The interactive assembly will be in SPANISH and will be on the following topic:

-- The Mighty Mesquite assembly – Grades K-6

Students learn:

  • Life cycle from seed to tree.
  • Food web and adaptation of desert plants and animals.
  • Traditional uses of mesquite-tree, seedpods, flowers, sap, and wood.
  • Desert weather conditions.
  • Culminates with students having an opportunity to taste the flour made from the mesquite-tree seed pods.

See responses to Ramona’s assemblies:

I have been sent sample books of her's so that if any teachers would like to read and preview this topic they may borrow them for their classes in preparation for the assembly.

All books are bilingual. These are the titles:

The Mighty Mesquite

Freaky Foods from Around the World

The Wooden Bowl

Lucas and His Loco Beans

Please stop by my desk if you would like to check them out for your class!

Thank you,


Past Due - Time Sensitive: February & March: CAL200

February CAL200 PE Minutes report are due March 10th

March CAL200 PE Minutes report are due March 15th

A hard copy of the PE Minutes report can be found in the staff sign-in tablet in the front office. You can also submit your report via the below link.

Please click on the link below to take you to the PE Minutes Teacher Report.

Teachers: PE Minutes Report

Student Retention


If you have any students that you are potentially thinking to retain, the following steps must take place:

1. multiple SSTs held

2. parent communication

* if you have NOT had ANY SST to this date, you CANNOT recommend a student for retention.

Deadline to meet & communicate with families of their students potential retention is April 29th. A formal letter will be sent to the families outlining their rights retain/not retain their child.

COST Referrals...

Here is the link to submit a COST referral: Coordination of Services Referral - click here!


Here are the SST's happening next Tuesday 3/22. I have not scheduled any for Thursday. I will email those teachers individually as I schedule them.

8:45 Jibril Maddox

9:35 Sielo Mgallon

10:20 Bryan Romero

12:45 Ivette Osorio

2:00 Princess McClain

Thank you,



Enrollment Confirmations

This is the last week to collect all enrollment confirmation forms to the office.

ALL classrooms that submit 100% will earn a Go-gurt Party for the students.

Teachers that encourage their students to submit the enrollment confirmation forms will also get a prize!

Past Due: SLCs Parent Sign-Ups

Parent sign-in sheet for SLCs were due March 18th. Please submit them to the office, a folder is available on the whiteboard.

OEA/OUSD Non-Approved Personal Days

A gentle reminder, personal days are not allowed the day before/after a holiday.

March 24th

April 4th

If you are calling in sick, please submit a doctor's note upon return to work. - No exceptions

-Failure to call for a sub in a timely manner will affect ALL OF US, as a result, your students will be split...and...

No, we cannot/will not use our STIP to cover your absence.

Staff Lounge

Greetings Crew!

Please ensure that you empty the refrigerator before leaving for the Spring Break. Anything left there that is perishable will be thrown away.

Securing your classroom before the break!

Dear Colleagues,

Prior to you leaving for Spring Break, please ensure that you do the following:

1. close ALL blinds in your classroom

2. lock ALL windows and cabinets

3. put away ALL checked out chrome-books in a secure location in your classroom

4. take with you any perishables

5. take with you any small pets (such as lizards and fish)

6. turn off all lights

7. ensure that you lock your classrooms when you exit

TGDS Long-Observations

Hello Teachers!

As April is approaching, all Temp/Probationary teachers need to schedule the following:

1. pre conference for the long observation

2. long observation

3. post conference for long observation

4. Summative Evaluation Conference

Please provide Nancy these dates by the end of March 18th. The pre-conference need to take place the week of March 21-24.

Thank you,


TK-K & SDC Classrooms

We recently have received concerns from parents that the Kinder classrooms are not swept or trash emptied.

Please know that ALL TK-K & SDC classrooms are part of the daily custodial run sheet. This means that the classrooms are to be cleaned DAILY. Please let Nancy, Ms. T, or Beatrice know if this is not the case.

We also ask that the chairs are picked up daily so that it is easier for Mr. Lopez to sweep and mop.

Custodial Request

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for all of our teachers that helped Mr. Lopez with picking up your chairs daily this week. Please ensure that you continue reminding your students.


Monday, March 21st

3-4 PM

Staff Meeting

Location: P3

Tuesday, March 22nd


8:45 Jibril Maddox

9:35 Sielo Mgallon

10:20 Bryan Romero

12:45 Ivette Osorio

2:00 Princess McClain

3-4 PM
FC Meeting

4:00-5:45 PM

OLAS Launch Meeting for ILT members

Location: Esperanza Elementary School

Wednesday, March 23rd

The Mighty Mesquite Assembly

8:30-9:15 AM

  • TK-2nd grade

9:30-10:15 AM

  • 3rd-5th grades.
  • The interactive assembly will be in SPANISH.

1:45-2:45 PM

SBAC Summative Training for grades 3-5 & RSP/SDC teachers

Location: Beatrice's Office


Location: P3

3:00-4:00 PM
COST Meeting

2:45-3:30 PM
Grade level collaboration - submit & share collaboration notes

5:00-7:00 PM
SSC Meeting

I. Approve minutes

II. Update from BFE committee

III. Title I Mid year Adjustment recommendations and Approval

IV. Review & Discuss End of Unit Math Assessments

V. Adjourn

Thursday, March 24th

8:00-2:45 PM

8:00-1:00 PM
Beatrice @ Principal PD

What's coming up?

3/23 - 3:00-4:00 PM - COST meeting

Last day to submit SSTs

3/25 - Holiday/Spring Break

3/28-4/1 - Spring Break

4/8 - ILT

4/8 - SSTs

4/4 - TGDS Long Observations Begin

4/4 - Math Data Chats - tentative

4/8 - SBAC Assembly

4/11 - SBAC starts


~Tech Corner~

Thank you to Mr. Edwards!

Mr. Edwards was able to secure a grant for $5000 for chromebooks. When you see him, please thank him and appreciate it him.

The 25 chromebooks and cart have arrived and ready to use, they are located in the office.

Free eBooks for Students!

Free eBooks for Students

Michelle Obama announces a new Open eBook app. Click here to sign-up.

Full Announcement

Contact David Braden, Elementary Language & Literacy Specialist,


Free access to Flocabulary!

All Oakland USD educators currently have unlimited access to the almost 800 educational videos at:

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Contact David Braden, Elementary Language & Literacy Specialist,