Heritage Elementary

Friday, January 22nd

Building Information

Mr. Chad Rice, Principal

Mrs. Marieca Mattox, School Counselor

Mrs. Marni Dreher, School Nurse

Mrs. Katie Thielman, Building Secretary

Mrs. Lisa Karavakis, Office Assistant


2/15/21 - No School - Presidents Day

3/4/21 - K-12 Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences

3/9/21 - K-12 Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences

3/29/21 - 4/2/21 - No School - Spring Break


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Inter*State Studio Heritage Elementary School Class Composite Sale. Share the smiles of your classmates!

The price for a class composite is $10.00. Parents may send in cash, check or money order. They will be available to order for 30 days; online ordering will be shut off on February 17th.

Online orders can be placed at www.inter-state.com/Order using flyer code: 56395BQ. Please make check payable to: Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co. Tax included. Do not add tax!

Customer Service: www.

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Mr. Rice challenged all students to find a way to recite our school's mission statement.

Students were required to:

1. Watch for Mr. Rice enter the classroom.

2. Get Mr. Rice's attention without disrupting the class.

3. Show kindness and recite the school's mission statement.


Adelyn K.

Kylee R.

Brendon S.

Irene L.

Fairfield county Cloverbud Program

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Concentrating and Working Hard!

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Kindergarten developing their writing skills!

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Dress for the Weather

It is that time of year when the temperature may vary greatly from day to day. Please be sure that your student comes to school dressed for the weather each day. We go outside for recess unless we have inclement weather or the wind chill factor is below 25 degrees.
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Art with Mrs. M!

Here is a look at what our young artists have accomplished so far this year.

We've published over 600 masterpieces!


Rainbow Lines

Mouse Paint

Shape Robots

1st grade:

Line Sculptures

Color Wheel Creations

Klee Castles

2nd grade:

Colorful Figures

Fish Color Wheels

Rousseau Tigers

3rd grade:

Mexican Mirrors

BaTIki Faces

The Scream Self-Portraits

Zentangle Bears

4th Grade

Blind Contour Drawings

Mandala Color Wheels


Technology Support is located at the glass doors labeled "P & O" BETWEEN Heritage main office and the District Office.

January Support Hours:

Mondays: 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Wednesdays: 9:00am to 11:00am

Fridays: 1:30pm to 3:30pm


Do you know a Heritage Elementary School staff member who is truly the heart of Heritage? Someone who goes above and beyond to make a difference for your child, our school, or our community? Click on the link below to recognize a HES staff member as the Heart of Heritage.


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Habit 1

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Dear Heritage families,

We are looking forward to another amazing year at Heritage Elementary, a Leader In Me Lighthouse School. The beginning of this year is different from anything we have experienced and as such we have incorporated some building changes in order to adhere to the guidelines. Things seem like they are continually changing and we are doing our best to stay current with all expectations from the Ohio Department of Education as well as the Ohio Department of Health. Below are the updates to the building procedures.


Bus: As students arrive they will be dismissed one bus at a time starting at 9:05. As students enter the building they will either a) go directly to their classroom or b) go to the cafeteria to get breakfast.

  • Breakfast- if your student is getting breakfast they will enter the cafeteria using the hallway entrance. Once they get their breakfast they will then proceed directly to their classroom to eat their breakfast.

Parent Drop-Off: Students that are being dropped off by their parent will enter the building starting at 9:05.

K-1st: Students will enter the building using doors marked BB

2nd - 3rd : Students will enter the building through the alley using doors marked AA

4th & Breakfast eaters: Enter the door marked B

Water bottles:Our building now has 2 touch free drinking fountains. If your student is being sent to school with a water bottle to be refilled, please make sure your student’s name is on the bottle.


Here are the student lunch times for 1st-4th grade:

4th- 11:45-12:30

1st- 12:15- 1:00

3rd- 12:45-1:30

2nd- 1:15- 2:00

Packers: if a student is bringing a lunch from home we ask that they either put it in a brown bag so that all contents can be thrown away after eating or that they have a bag in their lunch box that they can get prior to going to lunch to take with them. We are trying to avoid taking lunch boxes to the cafeteria as we no longer will have teacher classroom totes to hold lunch boxes.

Kindergarten AM dismissal-

Bus- Students will be taken by an adult to their bus pick up in front of the building.

Parent Pick Up- Parents will remain behind the buses and allow them to pick up their students first. The first parent pickup car should start at the yellow “Buses Only” sign located in front of the building. After buses have departed we will begin dismissing students one by one. Please have your neon green sign provided by Heritage Elementary visible in your windshield to help with dismissal.

Kindergarten PM arrival-

Bus: Students will exit one bus at a time and proceed to their classroom teacher located near door A (main entrance).

Parent drop off: Parents will remain behind the buses and allow them to release their students first. The first parent pickup car should start at the yellow “Buses Only” sign located in front of the building. After buses have departed we will begin dismissing students one by one.


While at recess we ask that students wear a mask when they are not able to remain socially distant. Students may be permitted to remove their mask when they can be socially distant. Students are responsible for their own mask at all times.


Parent Pick-up: Students that are going to be picked up by a parent or guardian will need to have the neon green sign provided by Heritage in the wind shield of their car. Due to social distancing guidelines, all parent pick ups will use the designated car line. Students will only be released to a vehicle in the car line. Only students designated as “walkers” at Heritage Elementary will be permitted to leave without a vehicle (designated walkers will have a different colored sign). Please do not park and walk to the door with your sign, you must remain in your car.


Students will be called to the buses from their classroom as soon as their bus arrives. Buses will only be called one at a time to avoid overcrowding in the hallways. Students are required to wear a mask at all times during dismissal as well as on the bus ride home.

Thank you all for helping us to continue to make Heritage Elementary a place where our students can be Learners, Leaders and Leave a Legacy.


Mr. Rice



Please refer to our District's homepage to find the school supply list for all Heritage students.

You can access that page by clicking here!