Theme 5 Wk 3 Fairytales

Week of January 11

8:15-8:30 Morning Greeting Circle

On The Rug
Rise and Shine
Morning Stretch - Great Way to Start Your Day - Morning Stretch - Click Show More
Learn the Letters and Their Sounds | Alphabet Sounds | Jack Hartmann
New Sight Words 1 | Sight Words Kindergarten | High Frequency Words | Jump Out Words | Jack Hartmann

Morning Message

Monday:No school

Tuesday: Today we will read about a frog prince.

Wednesday:Jack climed the beanstalk more than once.

Thursday:The princess slept on the pea.

Friday:Can an elf make a shoe.

Moving and Learning

Brain Breaks - Action Songs for Children - Tarzan - Kids Songs by The Learning Station
Fred the Moose Song ♫ Brain Breaks for Children ♫ Kids Repeat After Me Songs by The Learning Station
Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze | Rhyming Words for Kids | Exercise Song | Jack Hartmann

8:30-9:30 Small Group and Centers

Tuesday-Friday: CLI testing and report card testing.

Small Group:

Monday -No school

Tuesday: CLI Letter Naming and Vocabulary Assessment

Wednesday: Syllabication and Onset Rhyme

Thursday-Alliteration and Words in Sentence

Friday: Rhyming 1 and 2

Clean Up

9:15-9:30 Restroom Breaks

9:30-10:00 Outdoor Learning

Monday: no school

Tuesday:ABC Bingo

Wednesday Memory Games

Thursday: Numbers Bingo

Friday-Play Doh

10:00-10:30 P.E.

10:30-11:00-Reading and Literacy Circle

Monday:No School

Tuesday: The Frog Prince

Wednesday: Jack and the Beanstalk

Thursday:The Princess and the Pea

Friday: The Shoemaker and the Elves


Monday: No school

Tuesday: Rhyming

Wednesday: Words in a sentence

Thursday: On-set and rhyme word building


Parts of a Sentence | Pre-K and Kindergarten Version | Jack Hartmann

10:50-11:00 Wash Hands for Lunch

11:00-11:30 Lunch

11:30-11:45 Restroom

11:45-12:00 Story Time

1:00-1:15 Snack and Restroom

1:15-1:45 Math, Science, Social Studies

CLI Math Testing

Monday:No School

Tuesday: counting groups up to 10

Wednesday: Planting Lima Beans

Thursday:Little Bunny Foo Foo pg 110

Friday: Doubling Painting pg 123

Count By 1 Song

1:45-2:00 Recess

2:00-2:20 Daily Wrap Up and Dismissal