Tech Trials & Tribulations

Caitlin Jacobson @ Ketchikan High School

Fun at AkLA & SLLA!

Learning leadership and tech tricks with Jennifer LaGarde and Shannon Miller -- thanks to AkASL and the Alaska State Library!

Trying new things: freshman orientation

Two days in the library: checking student logins, TRAILS test, student success tips from 11th & 12th graders.
Big 6 By the Month Webinar: learned LOTS and read a tiny bit about TRAILS.
TRAILS: an assessment tool from Kent State University Libraries

Trial & error with my website...

From this:
Big image
To this:
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2013-2014: 150 hits
2014-2015: 3200 hits (so far!)

Adding Substance

Gale databases get numbers going through the roof!
September 2014: 35 hours of use
October 2014: 2500 hours of use

what's next?

Pushing the Gale Databases
Pushing Safari Montage (trying to help district-wide)
Writing application to be in the 3D MakerLab -- free 3D printer!