North Tama Junior Journalists

NT upper elementary students learning about journalism

Mr. Paul Rea By: Kaitlyn C. Randy R.

Today we interviewed Mr. Paul Rea for our Junior Journalist class. Mr. Rea’s job’s here at North Tama include, principal for 7-12 grades and North Tama Activities Director. His thoughts on Plus One Monday are that he loves having them and he wishes more kids took an advantage of such a neat opportunity. Mr. Rae hopes we continue to have this program next year. Mr. Rea said that 33% of high school students are attending Plus One this semester, that is down from 50% last year. Office Hour is one thing the high school teachers do, they're to help students catch up or allow students to ask questions on work. Eight students take advantage of this hour. In asking Mr. Rae if we will have Plus One next year, “In March we will find out if we have Plus One next year.” says Mr. Rea.


What's Happening on Plus One by Lily Jampoler

I interviewed two high schoolers about their Plus One class let's hear the results!

Luke Jampoler is in 9th grade and is in the, Woodworking class. He like the class because you can build things. Luke likes that Plus One gives him an opportunity for a career.

Madi Finical and is in 11th grade and in the class, Learn the Ukle because she can learn a new instruments. Madi likes Plus One because you can expand your horizons.