Afghanistan Brochure

Have fun at Afghanistan!

Ticket Cost:

Indiana - Afghanistan


29h 30m

3 stops

What to wear (Men)

  • Men should wear conservative suits and shoes.
  • If working in the country in a non-commercial capacity then wearing the traditional Afghan dress (long shirt and trousers) is best.

What to wear (Women)

  • Women must always dress modestly and conservatively. The general rule is to show as little flesh from the neck downwards.
  • If working in business, women should wear knee-length, loose fitting business skirts with loose fitting professional trousers underneath. Wearing headscarf is advisable.

The Religion (Facts)

  • Afghanistan is 99% Muslim
  • Muslims pray 5 times a day!
  • Muslims face the direction of the Kaaba (Which would be South west from Afghanistan!)
  • Muslims fast on Ramadan

What food to eat or not eat


Muslims will eat rice, chicken, bread, onion based yogurts, lamb, chicken or beef, and dumplings

Not Available:

Any plants or vegetables is unlikely available in Afghanistan


Stay away from the eastern and southern parts of Afghanistan! It's dangerous right to the edge and you will be gone before you know it! Stay away from those areas and you'll be fine


Women wear a burqa or chadori

Western women are highly encouraged to wear a head scarf (especially outside Kabul).

Afghanistan Holidays

Eid Al-Fitr -

Muslims either wear new clothes or pray in the morning. Later, Muslims entertain friends or family and childeren receive gifts or money called: "Eidi"

Eid Al-Adha -

The day Muslims worship Prophet Abraham's devotion to God. On this day they sacrifice lambs for the Haj.

Ashura -

Muslims worship Muhammad's grandson, Hussain and his followers at the battle of Kerbala.

Mawleed Al-Nabi -

Muhammad's Birthday

Nowroze -

The first day of spring

Jeshen -

Afghan Independence Day. The British did control Afghanistan because of the Afghan King.