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Clayton Ridge Schools December 2017

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Clayton Ridge Facility Update

Mr. Shane Wahls, Clayton Ridge Superintendent and MS Prinicpal

Under the direction of Estes Construction, we have completed the pre-award interviews with the apparent low bidders for the addition and renovation of all work at both sites
(i.e. 1903 Demolition, New Addition, Switchgear, HVAC, etc...).

During the pre-award process, we reviewed the bidder’s scope of work, conformance to bid documents, planned subcontractors and suppliers, schedule compliance, and proposed means and methods. Multiple competitive bids were secured for the 12 base bid packages. The low bids were approved at a recent Board Meeting and were within 1% of the budgeted amount with acceptable costs and will be awarded contracts.

The Alternate Bids were for projects that are an extension of the base bids but were considered separately to be certain that they can be completed without going over the budget. Since the district has been debt free, we have been able to pay for Design Fees, Pre-Construction Fees and save additional dollars to be used towards the scope of the entire facility project. By doing this we will not have to borrow money against the PPEL until July 1, 2018 and it will be a 9 year note rater than a 10 year loan. These alternate bids have also been approved by the board and will be completed as part of the addition and renovation to our facilities. These projects include the following:

1. Central Secure Entrance (includes a small administrative area & is attached to the Commons)
2. Environmental Graphic (Logo for the Gymnasium)
3. Additional MEP Scope (additional HVAC for the MP room, Locker rooms, Kitchen and Wrestling Room)(this also allows for the demolition of the chimney, boiler, and additional steam pipes)
4. Boys Shower (renovation to the boys home shower room)
5. Common Storage (storage area under the Commons for chairs, tables, wrestling mats, etc..)

According to our timeline, we will begin some of the work in April but the majority will be completed from the beginning of June until the end of November.
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Fidelity Sponsors Letters to Santa

Mrs. Susie Boeke, Fidelity Bank and Trust

Need to get a letter to Santa? Drop off letters in the Santa Mailbox at your nearest Fidelity Bank & Trust location. Letters received from November 27th through December 18th will receive a reply letter from Santa plus a special surprise from a one of Santa’s elves! Stop by your nearest Fidelity Bank & Trust today!

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CRMS Supplies Refresh

Mrs. Cheri Werges and Mrs. Sarah Lawrence

Attention parents of 6th and 7th Graders: Please check with your student to see if they need school supplies. Many students are in need of pencils, pens, erasers, and highlighters.
Thank you and Happy Holidays from the 6th and 7th Grade Team.
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CRMS Eagles' Club

Clayton Ridge High School Hosts Winterfest

Mrs. Rhea Cano, MS/HS Spanish

The Clayton Ridge High School staff presents a Winterfest holiday celebration every two years. Winterfest, besides being the obvious celebration, focuses on providing students an opportunity to dress to the best, and utilize appropriate table manners in an elegant setting. Prior to the event, students were shown a video about proper dining etiquette, which was hoped they use during their fancy dinner. The high school faculty took on the role of servers as well as entertainers for the day. Students enjoyed special holiday piano music from Mrs. White and a guest of honor, Kristie Roeder, as well as holiday musical selections from Mrs. Valeria White with Ms. Angela Williams, Mrs. Michelle Fassbinder, Ms. Angela Williams, Mrs. Kara Hoisington, Mrs. Rhea Cano, and a 12 days of Christmas ensemble performed by Mrs. Valeria White, Mr. Kyle Sperfslage, Ms. Angela Williams, Mrs. Kara Hoisington, Mrs. Rhea Cano, Mr. Louis Cook, Ms. Lynette Pritchard, Mrs. Carolyn Ihde, Mr. Adam Radcliffe, Mrs. Julie Hansel and Mr. Jim Pfaffly. Mr. Kolbet’s calculus class even serenaded the audience with a disgruntled student’s rendition of O’ Calculus.
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Government Students Work to Clean Area Ditches

Mr. Louis Cook, HS Social Studies

Mr. Cook's government students picked up trash along Highway 52 on October 21 for community service. The students picked up one truckload of garbage from the top of the south hill to Murray's Outdoor Store. They were appalled by how much trash accumulated from just last spring when the last year senior class did the cleanup. The students took a lot of pride in their work. Please make sure you remind others that trash does not disappear and please think of the future generations.

CRHS Sophomores Study Julius Caesar

Mrs. Carole Mackey, MS/HS English

Clayton Ridge sophomores are reading Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar in Mrs. Mackey’s class; they donned togas to get into the spirit of Act III.

Service Project 2018: Chemo Care Kits

Mrs. Valeria White, HS English

Clayton Ridge Community School District and Springdale Gifts are partnering in the third annual Chemo Care Kit service project benefiting cancer patients. This past February, students in the Clayton Ridge Community School District teamed up with Mrs. White (HS English teacher and Thirty-One Gifts Consultant) and the River Park Cruisers to put together 52 Thirty-One Gifts bags full of goodies for chemo patients in honor of associate Lynne Finnegan and targeted the Medical Associates Clinics’ Oncology/Hematology Department in Dubuque. In late February 2018, we will be delivering the kits to the Medical Associates Clinic again, this time in honor of Judy Puls, a long-time Clayton Ridge teacher and eight-year survivor of ovarian and uterine cancer.

Included in the bags are unscented hand sanitizer, unscented lotion, unflavored lip balm, bottled water, water flavor packets, sugar-free hard candy, a puzzle book (crossword, word find, or Sudoku), a coloring book, a journal/notepad, pencils and pens, colored pencils, and a pencil sharpener.

How does this all work? Through the generosity of many of Mrs. White’s friends, colleagues, and family members, Springdale Gifts provides appropriate Thirty-one Gifts bags. Students and staff who wish to participate donate items to fill the bags. (Note: Springdale Gifts provides the coloring books.) Monetary donations toward the purchase of more bags and items to fill them are also accepted and very much appreciated. Once all the “stuffings” are collected, students will fill the bags; several students will accompany Mrs. White as she delivers the bags to Medical Associates Clinic.

In the past, we’ve received thank-you notes and encouraging social media posts from patients. One patient wrote, “Loved your gift basket!” The Oncology/Hematology Department staff was equally touched by the benevolence of the Clayton Ridge extended family: “We are blown away by your generosity and kindness. Thank you for remembering the special people who touch our lives daily.” Another wrote, “Thank you so much for the bags. It has been such a joy passing them out to our patients. They have really [brought] smiles to their faces. God bless you all!”

The Christmas season is a time for giving, and we are often inundated with opportunities to do so. This opportunity extends into the new year, so those wishing to participate can take advantage of after-Christmas sales. Donations should be delivered to Mrs. White’s room or to the office in either the middle school or elementary school by Wednesday, January 31. Kit contents are listed above. Please feel free to address any questions or comments, including ideas for other kit contents, to Mrs. White (x427) at the high school.

Osbourne Visits 3rd Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Kathy Connelly and Mrs. Tami Palmer, 3rd Grade

Abbey Harkrader from Osborne presented the program Scaly and Slimy to third grade classrooms. Caden S. and Mason M. (pictured right) play with Ed the Box Turtle.

Osbourne Talks Weather with 4th Grade

Mrs. Jill Stannard, Middle School

Kenny from The Osborne Nature Center shared a lesson on weather yesterday with the 4th grade classes. The girls are working on an experiment to measure wind. Kenny also shared an experiment on equal pressure.
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CRHS Basketball Preview Night

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CRHS Honor Squad Recipients

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Tech Talk

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SIAC Meeting Presentation

Click here to view projects that Clayton Ridge students are creating in classes and on their own.

College and Career Readiness

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Mrs. Julie Hansel, 8-12 School Counselor

A group of students experienced a tour of the Guttenberg Hospital on Monday, October 20.
They are a great group of young ladies and I hope they found the tour provided them with some ideas or opportunities in health care careers.

Words on Wellness

Mrs. Renae Kraus, Clayton Ridge School Nurse
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