About ME!!

McKayla F. 5th Hour

I love my family!!

Mom's house

Mom: Kelsey

Brother: Konner

Cat: Princess

Dad's house

Dad: Lucas

Grandma: Margit

Great-Grandma: Betty

Dog, cats, cows, horses, guinea pig, and chickens.

Katy Perry - Roar (Official)


Some of my hobbies include...

*arts and crafts




*being with friends and family

*beauty things (makeup, hair, nail art)


I do gymnastics at Madtown Turners in Madison. I am also part of the 6th grade CREW council. I enjoy doing all these things a lot.

Best Trip!!

The best trip I have ever taken was to Disney World a couple years ago. My family and I had A LOT of fun!!

Favorite restruant!!

I love going to Red Lobster, Texas Road House, Pedro's, Red Robin, and I love Fazoli's.

Favorite Singer!!

I LOVE Luke Bryan!! He is amazingly awesome. One of my favorite songs by him is That's My Kinda Night.

Luke Bryan - That's My Kind Of Night

Favorite Store!!

A store I really like is Target. I also like a lot of other places. Another one of my favorites is the mall, East and West town. I love to go shopping.. especially with my mom.