Colonial House

By: Josie Pritchett


Colonial style homes developed during the US Colonial Period in the 1700s. These homes were greatly influenced by England, European, and Greek styles. The early colonists brought English architecture styles with them. Greek influence can be seen in details such as the columns. Each colonial house has many things in common. These characteristics include a symmetrical design and a featured front door. It also includes two or more windows on either side of the door and one directly above the door. On the inside, most Colonial style house have two stories and four rooms on the bottom floor. Many also have a pair of chimneys.

Original Time Period:

The time period of this house was in the 1700s. The US Colonial Period began when early colonists began creating homes on the East Coast. During this time, Britain continued to rule over America. Many important historical events occurred such as the French and Indian War, the Boston Massacre, and the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson were all famous figures of the time. Fashion included corsets and full dresses. For men, wigs were common. Most early colonists only made a few thousand dollars per year. Also, they were heavily taxed by Britain. Luxuries, such as tea, were often too expensive to afford. The extravagance of Colonial house varied, so all different kinds of people lived in them. The most famous, however, were mansions for the rich.
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Colonial Revival:

The time period of the colonial revival was 1880 - 1955. It was inspired by the early settlers as mentioned before. This style of house is very popular in the United States. During this time, both World War I and II occurred. Famous people of the time included Elvis and the Beatles. At the beginning of the revival, fashion was still formal. However, by the 20's, fashion was becoming more simple and free. During the time, the cost of living began to inflate. By 1928, a new home was only about $4,000. Tuition at Harvard was about $420 per year.

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Materials and technology:

During the Colonial revival, the most common materials used were clapboard and shingle. However, brick was ideal. New methods and technologies made the houses easier to make. For example, brick veneer made brick less expensive to use. During the time, computers did not exist. Blue prints were the main method of planning.