A 5E Model Presentation

TEKS 8.11C

explore how short and long-term environmental changes affect organisms and traits in subsequent populations


Butterfly Activity

Students will color and camouflage butterflies across the room. Throughout the day, students from other classes will be given instructions to stand in the middle of the room and within 10 seconds, identify the butterflies by tagging them with a post it note. Butterflies that were not tagged are the "survivors".


Natural Selection Lab

Students explored the concept of natural selection by pretending to be a predator capturing "peppered moths" which are represented by black or white beans. These beans will be scattered on a black background and the predator will use an eye patch with only a tiny hole from which to look out of. We made the activity more interesting by turning all the classroom lights off as they captured their moths!
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Natural Selection Lab



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Student Evaluation

Student evaluation consists of creation of a Natural Selection Cartoon Strip and a Kahoot It! Quiz!!:)