China flexible packaging

New Developments in the Flexible Packaging Industry - Energy Saving

In recent years, China's flexible packaging business keep up with market demand changes, timely adjust product structure, resource tilts towards efficiency, which achieves product differentiation and structural diversification. According to authoritative institutions, it is predicted that the global flexible packaging market will rise at an annual rate of 3.5% within the next five years, and the value is expected to each $ 231 billion by 2018. As the world's largest packaging country, China flexible packaging must keep pace with the development speed of the packaging industry.

Flexible packaging refers to the packaging whose container shape changes after the filling or the contents are removed. Now there are mainly paper, aluminum foil, fiber, plastic films and various bags, box, covers, pack made by their composites on the market. In the packaging industry, flexible packaging has been one of the most important forms of packaging with brilliant colors, rich functionality, and various forms of expression. It has gradually eroded metal, cartons and other packaging materials market because of their advantages.

With the materials and processing technology continues to improve, flexible plastic packaging is playing an increasingly important role in many areas. The development trend of plastic packaging film is very clear. Small scale, poor quality companies have almost withdrawn from the market. Therefore, many enterprises are accelerating the pace of large-scale production with the combination of product structure adjustment. From the general point of view, China's flexible packaging industry has formed its own basic industrial chain and high value-added products and styles emerge in endlessly, such as BOPP shrink film, antistatic film, high-clear film, resistant cooking film, transfer film, high light film, thin film and synthetic paper, which have progressively realized industrialization. BOPPT heat-resistant film, BOPPT online coating film, manufacturing imitation glass and bulletproof glass and other new products adding nano materials BOPPT film are the new trend of BOPPT film.

Green development of flexible packaging

BOPP plastic film is a very important flexible packaging material. BOPP plastic film is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and has high tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, toughness and good translucent nature, but there are easy accumulation of static electricity, no heat sealing, difficult recycling, and easy pollution problems.

In addition to the original emphasis on quality and efficiency, our flexible packaging industry lays greater emphasis on energy conservation, emissions, safety, so we should pay attention to strengthening technology to solve BOPP plastic film easily pollution problems. Plastic packaging must improve production techniques and reduce the use of raw materials in order to get long-term development.

Flexible packaging industry market prospect is broad, and the competition of businesses in this area will become increasingly fierce, companies must seize the correct trends: green energy. However, the meaning of the green packaging is not just to protect the environment, but also has renewable resources significance. Enterprises should try to use the same materials, separable coexistence material in the packaging design and tend to use simple, easily recyclable materials.