Awareness Project

Making people aware of ISIS issue

To many people are apart of the ISIS groups and that number need to go down.

"Up until the invasion of Mosul, it was thought that the Islamic State consisted of only a few thousand people; however, the numbers swelled into the tens of thousands as many Sunni Muslims joined ISIS as a way of protesting against the Shia government"(Militants Terrorize Syria and Iraq). Reading this article we found out that there isn't just like 50 people in the whole group. There are over tens of thousands involved in their terrorist groups. The number of people impacted by ISIS, the attacks, and killing they are doing is not okay. They are forcing people to move from their house because it isn't safe where they lived. Some of the families to start off with don't have very much money so when they decide that they need to leave and go find somewhere else to live is very difficult. I think that saddest part of all of this is that ISIS is targeting kid our age and even younger, to join and help the group with attacks, ISIS is very smart, they know what to do with the kids so that they will do exactly what they want them to. They look for kids on the streets that haven't eaten in a couple days and are hungry, so they tell them that they will pay them if they set a roadside bomb. Most of the reason there are some many young kids in prison is because ISIS found their weak spot and they were able to use it against them. I don't think there is just one thing that needs to be done in order to stop ISIS but we need to find something that will atleast help prevent them from hurting an injuring civilians in the middle east. This needs to happen soon before they destroy all of the Middle East countries all together.

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