Daintree Rainforest


1. The rain forest is 135 million years old

2. It is 1200 square kilometres

3. Biggest rain forest in Australia

4. It covers 20% of Australia’s land and mass

5. It is located north of Cairs Queensland

6. Gained world heritage in 1988 9th December

7. 430 species of birds live in the trees

8. 13 of the birds only live in Australia

9. There are 700 species or plants and animals in the rainforest

10. It is home to the biggest cycad in the world

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1. the sliver snake-eyed skink

the skink has no eyelids but it has transparent scales over its eyes.it has a long tail and has small limbs.

2. The white lipped- tree frog

The frog is known as the giant tree frog it is the world’s biggest frog in the world. The frog has an orangey green colour and it has a white lip.it is a native animal.

3. The double eyed-fig parrot

The parrot has a blue face and it comes from New Guinea. It eats figs and is a bright bird.

4.the boyds forest dragon

the lizerd is small it is spikey and it eats insects.it has a green-gray tinge to it.

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1.banana tree leaf

it is a all season plant, it is a large plant and it is green.

2.mangrove sapling

it is a dark plant, it is 3-5m tall and it grows in mangroves

3.native hibiscus

it is 20cm tall, it has lots of different colours and it grows in tropical ereas

4.wild ginger

15 cm tall ,it is green and itcan be used as a medican for snake bites.