The Drums

By Bailey

About The Drums

Some drums are expensive. It’s always good to practice with real drums than looking on the internet. It is hard to play the drums without a drum kit. Some websites can help you play the drums. A great drummer can transform a song into something transcendent. Playing the drums is harder than it looks. Drum racks have been designed to play nicely MIDI pad controllers. Sometimes drums are called a membranophone. A membrane is stretched over the end of a drum. The symbols and the tom toms were added to the drums. In the 1960 rock drummers expanded the drums. The drums first were made in the 6000 BC. The Indians constructed drums for their ceremonies. The cymbals and tom toms were made in china. The drums are as old as mankind. The electronic drums were made to make sound that traditional drums could not make. Drum sounds are used in many types of music. Shallow drums include snare drums, tenor drums, and bass drums.

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