Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong Un

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was the leader of Russia after the Communist Revolution. Joseph Stalin's trait was boldness. This is seen through his rise to and during power. Stalin is widely known for being paranoid. We can see this when Stalin had "potential" enemies of who supposedly tried to overthrow him. Stalin had these people executed so he could remain in power. Stalin's boldness let him stay in power and stay the ruler of Russia.
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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party and chancellor of Nazi Germany. Hitler is known for his slaughter of 6 million Jews. Hitler's trait was vision. Hitler's vision was of the whole world being under German rule. This is seen through his attempt to conquer Europe and Asia. The Aryan race is also an example of this. Nazi's believed that Arians were the perfect race (blue eyes and blonde hair). Adolf Hitler's trait was vision due to his belief of the Aryan race and a whole Earth being under Nazi rule.
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Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un is the supreme and Communist leader of North Korea. Kim Jong Un is known for threatening the United States and Japan, and also for ordering the execution for his own uncle. Kim Jong Un's trait is courage. This is seen through his threatening the United States and his threats to Japan.
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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was the leader of Rome. He became leader after defeating his enemy Pompey. His trait is servant's heart. This is seen when he interacts with the Romans