SIG Hudson Week 3

Our final triumphs and challenges in Hoboken!

Notes from Ms. Lawrence and Miss Gaby

It's hard to believe our SIG 2014 experiences are over! We have had such a wonderful time watching our scholars grow as leaders and learners, and we hope they have enjoyed their time at the Hudson School. We wish you all the best for the 2014-2015 academic year - see you all next July!!

Closing Ceremony

Friday, July 25th, 4-5:30pm

601 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ

Please join us to celebrate student achievement on our last day, Friday, July 25th. The student gallery will be open on the 3rd Floor with projects and the SIG slideshow on loop. At 4:30 PM, our certificate ceremony will begin in the gymnasium on the 4th Floor!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Anticipating Algebra

It is our last week and we are still learning more! Our class loves to be challenged! When we are not playing "X files" or "Beat the Calculator," students are wrapping their minds around the student-created "super problem" of the day. As the course comes to a close, students are finishing their independent projects in the form of math games, budgets, stock portfolios, and PowerPoints!

Simple Machines, Complex Designs

Students will finish our time at SIG by creating an amusement or playground ride using simple machines. Upon completion of the program will review simple machines. The students will then utilize all the information they learned and create a Leprechaun or Fairy Trap. Will the Leprechaun come?

Eureka: Inventive Minds at Work

This week, we put our marketing skills to the test, creating an advertising poster for our invention and pitching it to a panel of "investors" based on the TV show, Shark Tank. This allowed the students to enhance their public speaking and negotiation skills, and it also encouraged them to demonstrate deeper understanding and passion about their invention. We concluded the week learning about the two modern ages of inventions, including the Age of Electricity with telegrams, telephones, and the light bulb. After that came the Age of the Atom, with X-rays, radio broadcasting, airplane, rockets, computers, and lasers. We enhanced the understanding of these inventions through discussion, video clips, and hands-on activities and games.

Building Blocks of Engineering

Our final prototypes are in! Our engineers have created unique projects that resist or manipulate the forces of nature. Most of our students chose to get airborne, trying to break barriers of lift and thrust with limited materials. Some students kept their feet on the ground with structures and vehicles. We refined, perfected, and painted our final prototypes to give them crowd appeal!

Science of the Superhuman

This course cummulated with the Superhero Face-Off, in which our original superheroes were pitted against each other in hypothetical battles. Each superhero was designed on a life-sized poster with an origin story, and they were randomly assigned various strengths and weakness in areas such as speed, durability, and fighting skills. Students watched and voted on existing superhero face-offs, determining who would win between Ironman and Superman, Batman and Spiderman, and Justice League vs. The Avengers. They would argue the strengths and weaknesses of each hero, and we would watch a video that broke down the pros and cons, revealing the hypothetical winner. This gave the students a fun chance to learn about predictions, physics, and probability, as they rooted for existing superheroes and their original ones.

Cracking Codes: Patterns and Probability

The students this week finished their beautiful paper quilts. They also created code kites with individual messages on the kites. Students will be finishing off the week with a pirate treasure hunt and discover how to read a map with symbols.

Magic Carpet Expeditions

This week in Magic Carpet Expeditions, we delved deep into our final projects. Each student chose a different topic to focus on. We began by doing research on our topics. After gathering the important information, we created our products. The products ranged from making a book to a brochure to a menu. We finished the week off by sharing our projects, creating our own countries and cultures and thinking critically about why it is important to study different cultures around the world. We can't wait to share our final projects with you at the end of the day!

Planetary Science: Putting the 'U' in the Universe

Space probes, rovers, drones, planets, aliens, and high tech gear for astronauts - this is what our final week in Planetary Science looks like! With imagination backed by research and science, students have really considered many possibilities and incorporated them into individual assignments. In our final week students are putting the finishing touches on their projects and opening their minds to what secrets the universe may hold!

The Curious Chemist

We put the Scientific Method to the test in a really cool way this week! Using a salt and ice combination, we learned about chemical reactions and how they raise the temperature and allow liquids such as milk and cream to form ice cream. We used two methods: one with a manual shaking of the bag and a second using coffee cans. The students learned that the metal can cool the liquids faster and formed ice cream, whereas the shaking needed more time and resulted in yummy milkshakes! We also use the Scientific Method to answer our original questions, putting together all the steps of the process, combined with our computer research on our individual topics.

Rain Forest: Tropical Treasures

Students finished their tree murals with wonderful designs. Students then created power points or menus of items that come from the rain forest. Students then created their own rain sticks for storytelling.

Sports Stop

For our final week of Sports Stop, we made time to finalize the rules and play our original games! From Frisbean to Shipwreck and everything else in between, we had a blast playing our new games. Students also spent time in the computer lab working on independent assignments. After our PowerPoints, videos, and official rules were completed, we took some time out to play games we hadn't yet had a chance to try during the course.

Get Theatrical!

This week, our thespians began preparing for our final productions. We have rehearsed lines, gotten into character, developed sets, and even had a dress rehearsal! Stop by on Friday at 3 PM to see our actors and actresses take the stage in The Five Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk!