Show Tunes and Modern

Charlece Lake, Arobics, period 1, Miller, January 14, 2014

show tunes

  • Seymour Felix changed dancing and created Broadway
  • New York did not have a significant theater presence until about 1750
  • after the great depression Broadway hit a golden age with the blockbuster hit " Oklahoma!"
  • dances are very theatrical and intense
  • show tunes are said to be originated from Libettist W. S. Gilbert and Authur Sullivan
  • originated in Europe

modern dance

  • modern dance is a style of western concert dance which began in the 19th century and early 20th century
  • modern dance broke away from the conformed style of classical ballet
  • dancer Martha Graham was an early pioneer of the modern dance
  • usually in modern dance they have costumes that are usually flow and are light modern dance usually tells a story or has a message
  • Isadora Duncan was a predecessor of modern dance with her on the center of her torso, bare feet, loose hair,free-flowing costumes, and having humor in her dances
  • Originated in America when Classic dancers rebelled against the normal ways of dance

modern dance

My group danced to the instamental sing " im idffernet". it told a story of two girls who broke away from the normal crowd, and became there own self. I t was a modern dance because we had flowing movements and we told a story.


our show tunes dance was " fabulous" from High School Musical. What made it a Broadway type dance was we acted our stuff and actions during the song. That is one of the main things that most Broadway shows have, they all act out a story that goes along with the song.