By: Israel Hernandez

Theme: Perseverance

  • Sounder got shot while trying to help his master. Even though he got shot he still got threw it even though it was difficult. When the father got arrested the mom still got threw the hard work of the dad. Even though the father got arrested he still came back to help for a while so he went through something difficult because his body was ½ dead. Even though the boys dad got arrested he still did the field work when the dad wasn't home the dad was in jail. But the boy still attended school.

Article of Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was the first African american to play in the white league. People didn't enjoy seeing him on the field with the white people lots of people booed at him they threw stuff at him for no reason. Jackie didn't care what the people said. He just wanted to play ball.

  • Because even though it was hard he still played baseball with different colored people he didn't care what people would say. When Jackie got hit with the ball he didn’t let that beat him he still played and showed that he was one of the best. When people didn’t want him to play with the white he still played and was one of the best shortstop ever
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  • The animals help all the humans from dying. They helped the owner from doing stuff that you weren't paying attention. They brought help when they were in danger. The animals even feed the owners when they were starving. When another animal was attacking the owner the other animal hurt that animal.
  • Sounder helped his master when the master was hurt. Sounder got the boy to go to the woods to see his father dead. When the boy came back the boy knew sounder was dead and helped him but it was worthless.

Every person has a right to food, shelter, and safety.

Agree. I think that because there is People who at some places just because of there skin color or any feature they don’t give them food or Police Protection. We should all have right to food,shelter and safety because we are all human.The only different things that we have is our skin color our hair color and maybe where we come from.

Father, Daughter, Dog.

  • A like. Both dad’s died peacefully. Both dogs died because they missed there owner’s. (Friends)

  • Differences The dad was a lumberjack and the Master wasn't he was a sharecropper .The master died from all the pain he had from the jail (he had broken bones and ½ of his body was dead) and the dad just died .


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