French Revolution

By Kyle Crippa

Causes of the French Revolution

  • The rationalism of the Enlightenment was thought to have generated the revolutionary movement France being attacked.

  • The Enlightenment affected political leader’s ways of responding to political and social situations.

  • Revolution began two decades after Enlightenment reached maturity.

  • Was also thought to emerge from a political crisis that had to do with an economic breakdown.

  • Political crisis was caused by bankruptcy of the state.
  • The economic breakdown caused unrest, riots, and protests.
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The French Revolution

  • France entered economic and political turmoil in 1789.

  • Commoners form own legislative body called Third Estate.

  • King fired a government official who supported the Third Estate, which made the citizens furious.

  • Angry mob broke into the Bastille Prison.

  • About 100 revolutionaries died in the process.

  • They freed all seven prisoners in the Bastille.

  • Lasted from 1787 - 1814.

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After the French Revolution

  • July 14th became the anniversary for the storming of the Bastille.
  • The bastille was a corrupt prison and a symbol of upper class power that people wanted to get rid of.
  • French president Jacques Chirac will hold a referendum and citizens will vote on European constitution.

  • The French and British decided to combine to put on a parade.

  • French and British continue to dispute over colonies when they both own vast lands.
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How did the participants demonstrate their belief system through their protests?

The people were furious that the king had fired a government official whom supported the Third Estate. They stormed a corrupt prison called the Bastille to show their anger. The mob freed all seven prisoners in the Bastille. The citizens wanted political order in the country so they did all this to protest for it. French then started to do all they could to reestablish order in the country.
The French Revolution -In a Nutshell