Symphony of the Spheres

Hixson Symphony Orchestra with guest conductor John Williams

You won't want to miss this night of music.

Join us for a night exploring the music of the spheres. All pieces performed relate to outer space. Pieces performed include John Williams' "Main Title from Star Wars, Ola Gjeilo's The Spheres and Gustav Holst's symphonic suite, The Planets. With guest conductor John Williams and guest musicians Phil Smith, Bud Herseth, Wynton Marsalis, and Gustav Holst.

Symphony of the Spheres - Hixson Symphony Orchestra in Concert

Thursday, Oct. 20th, 6:30pm

152 West 57th Street

New York, NY

About the Hixson Symphony Orchestra

The Hixson Symphony Orchestra (HSO) is comprised of teachers, performers, and pets from Hixson, TN. The HSO has won numerous awards such as Best Orchestra in the Universe in 2013, The Orchestra to End All Orchestras Super Badge in 2015, and Nicest Dressed Orchestra in Southeast Tennessee in 2016. This prestigious group attempts to break the norm of average orchestras while still embracing the classics. In an effort to remain on the cutting edge of contemporary classical music, the HSO puts on one concert each year comprised entirely of music that hasn't been written yet. In its latest concert season, the HSO was the first orchestra to put on a concert on Europa, one of Jupiter's more-habitable moons, and was lauded by no less than twelve world leaders as "much better than the YouTube version."
Sunrise Mass. 1) The Spheres - Ola Gjeilo