anterior teeth

how it affects people's speech

anterior teeth

  • are the front teeth which includes the central and lateral incisors and cuspids.

alignment of jaws and teeth

  • the upper incisors (front teeth) slightly overlap the lower incisors.
  • the cusps (like mountains) of the upper molars fit into the Fossae (like valleys) of the lower molars.


  • there is a small space between the upper and lower incisors (about 2mm if measured in a horizontal plane from the front surface of the upper incisors to the front surface of the lower incisor when the teeth are closed).
  • buck teeth is one example of overjet

cleft palate

  • children with cleft palate commonly have missing, rotated, or extra teeth at the alveolar cleft site.
  • With normal occlusion, the tongue rests in the mandible behind the mandibular incisors.
  • The maxillary teeth overlap the mandibular teeth. This leaves plenty of room for the tongue tip to articulate freely in the oral cavity against and under the alveolar ridge.
  • In addition, the upper and lower lips are approximated, making the bilabial and labiodental sounds easy to produce. When there are dental or occlusal anomalies, however, this can inhibit the function of the tongue and lips, causing speech problems
  • It has a wire across the hard palate which tends to interfere with airflow and tongue placement for speech, in particular for sibilants and affricates.

functions of the teeth

  • tooth- one of the small bone like structures of the jaws for biting and mastication of food; they also help in the shaping of sounds and forming of words in speech.
  • anterior teeth- the teeth in the anterior parts of the dental arches; the incisors and canines.
  • the anterior teeth include (central and lateral incisors and cuspids)

a video on how the Anterior teeth can affect people's speech

Teeth and Speech

how does whitening your teeth affect your speech

  • the crest 3D white white-strips whitening are safe on tooth enamel.
  • they use the same whitening ingredient as the professional products dentists use to whiten teeth.
  • if you use strips longer than instructed then it can result in tooth sensitivity and gum discomfort.
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