The Perfect "Thank You"

Contribute to the PGAB Staff/Teacher End of Year Bonus

Is this the best way to express my gratitude?

Yes! At the end of the year, many parents want to thank the teachers for their terrific work with a gift. The Parent Group Advisory Board Bonus is the best way to do that. Why?

  • It's the gift they really want: money to spend!

  • It's equitable: the bonus pool is divided equally

  • It recognizes everyone who contributed to your child's welfare: all support staff and teachers are included in the bonus pool

Here's how it works...

  • Your tax deductible gift will be part of a special recognition of our staff and teachers

  • Give whatever amount you are comfortable with, there is no minimum contribution

  • Funds are pooled and then distributed as an individual bonus to all faculty and staff

  • Two ways to contribute!
    (1) online at www. (PGAB section from the main page)
    (2) by check (payable to FXW-PGAB in an envelope marked FXW-PGAB, OSP Campus, Attn.: R.J. Atristain)

  • Families contributing by the deadline will have their names included in the letter enclosed with each gift

  • Contributions are due by NO LATER THAN JUNE 4th!

More Questions?

Email PGAB Co-Chair Teri Montes at or email

Note: A gift to the Staff/Teacher End of Year Fund is not a contribution to the FXW Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is a separate, tax deductible fund that helps to cover the school’s operating expenses.