Pros and Cons of Abortion

What you need to know

Abortion Is a highly controversial subject. There are many laws and protest because of it. But not many sit the and weigh the facts. So what are the Pros, cons and basic facts of what you're killing.


  1. Taking the life of what has yet the chance to live.
  2. Goes against the morals of most people.
  3. Violates the sanctity of human life.
  4. Chances of ectopic pregnancies
  5. Possible miscarriages in the future.
  6. Increases risk of P.I.D (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
  7. Often causes psychological pain and stress


  1. If an Abortion is in the 1st trimester it isn't considered killing another being.
  2. Abortion is a medically safe procedure for 88% of women in the first trimester.
  3. In cases of rape woman who keep the baby often have psychological stress.
  4. Abortion is apart of civil right that women have.
  5. Tax often goes toward this procedure. Enabling women to have an abortion.
  6. Teenagers who become pregnant often have terrible futures like divorce, poor education.
  7. Most stressed cause by abortion is often before the procedure.

Basic facts of pregnancy:

  1. 4 Weeks after fertilization the heart begins to beat
  2. 7 weeks after fertilization muscles and nerves begin to move the brain starts to grow
  3. 9 weeks after fertilization more than 90% of all human parts are developed
  4. 10 weeks after fertilization the heart starts to pump blood through the body
  5. 16 weeks the eyes start to move.
  6. 18 weeks after fertilization.The brain is almost fully developed
  7. 20 weeks after fertilization the fetus can hear.
  8. 24 weeks after fertilization the fetus can hold objects.
  9. 38 weeks after fertilization most baby's are born at this point.

In my own viewpoint I believe that abortion should be legal as long as it is under reasonable circumstances and in the 1st trimester


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