Summers' Scoop

September 15, 2016

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is back at LMES! We will be welcoming Grandparents into our classroom for this program on Monday, September 19. This would be a good opportunity for Grandparents to see our classroom, find out more about the school day and meet the other kids in our class.

The time set aside for Grandparents to visit third grade classrooms is 10:35-11:05. Since our class is scheduled to be in the gym for PE until 10:45 on Monday, Grandparents will start in the gym and then come back to our classroom after PE. We are looking forward to getting to know our Grandparents!

Media Center Update

Our class visited Mrs. Matney in the Media Center last week and she shared all of the new SC Children's Book Nominees and SC Picture Book Nominees with us. They look awesome!! The Media Center will be having an incentive program this year for students who read at least five nominee books and complete a READO Chart. Each student was given a purple READO Chart to keep track of their reading of the Nominee Books. Extra copies are available in the Media Center.

Check out the Media Center Website for more information about the Nominee Books and the READO Chart.

SC Book Awards 2016-2017

Weekly Multiplication Quizes

Information came home today in your child's red folder about our timed multiplication quizzes. These weekly quizzes will begin on Wednesday, September 28 with 0's and 1's. Please expect your child to have a timed multiplication quiz every Wednesday. This would be a great opportunity for your child to earn 5 bonus points by making their own flash cards for each set of problems.

ELA Update

In ELA, our class is doing a study of the Notice and Note Signposts. We are on the hunt for places in a story where we can deepen our understanding by noticing signals from the author. Our class has LOVED looking for the signposts and discussing how each signpost can help us comprehend and enjoy the story even more.

In the next week, students will have an open notes quiz on this topic for ELA. Watch for information on this topic to come home, but please know that we have spent lots of time together working on this in class.

Click on picture to enlarge Notice and Note Signposts.

Our first spelling unit is off to a great start! Thank you for helping your child study the words throughout the week. We will also be practicing the words together during the week.

We love to write in our class! Students have been busy writing about why they are important, a description of their favorite town, a message to Grandparents and more.

Math Update

We have moved into Chapter 2 of the My Math Book. This chapter is all about addition including the addition properties, patterns in addition, adding mentally, and estimating sums (total when you add two or more digits together). You will notice that our units will build on each other as we are using skills from Chapter 1, such as estimating in order to estimate sums. We will have a mid-chapter Check My Progress early next week.

Science Update

We have wrapped up our Science Process Skills Unit and have moved into Chapter 5 - Ecosystems. Students have enjoyed this chapter so far and are able to use some background knowledge on many of the topics. We will be studying what ecosystems are, how living things get energy, how ecosystems change and what we can learn from fossils. Watch your child's daily agenda for information about when we will have quizzes and tests in Science.

Social Studies Update

In Social Studies, we are in Chapter 1 in The South Carolina Story textbook. We are learning about the geography in SC including our location on Earth, physical features, the four river systems of SC and the six regions on SC. We are currently pretending to travel through each region in the state and learning about each region as we travel.

Upcoming Dates to Know:

Monday, September 19 - Grandparents Day

Thursday, September 22 - Early Release Day at 11:40

Friday, September 23 - First Quarter Interim Grades are available

Monday, October 10 - Teacher Work Day/No school for students